Associate Professor

School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry

University of Queensland

Current research interests:

Philosophy of science: modeling; simulation; scientific possibilities; non-epistemic values; non-causal explanation

Philosophy of climate science: climate models; uncertainty; model evaluation; foundational concepts

History of twentieth-century philosophy: analytic philosophy; speculative philosophy; twentieth-century women philosophers; philosophy of science

Some recent work:

Katzav, Joel (2024). Revisiting Grace de Laguna’s critiques of analytic philosophy and of pragmatism. Asian Journal of Philosophy 3 (1) 14. 

Katzav, J. (2023) Epistemic possibilities in climate science: lessons from some recent research in the context of discovery, European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 13, 57.

Katzav, J., Rogers D. and Vaesen, K. (2023). American women philosophers: institutions, background and thought. Knowledge, mind and reality: an introduction by early twentieth-century American women philosophers. (pp. 1-20) edited by Joel Katzav, Krist Vaesen and Dorothy Rogers. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing. doi: 10.1007/978-3-031-24437-7_1

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