Artist Bio

Joe Kennedy is a Chicago artist that uses the Surrealist technique called automatic drawing where no preconceived agenda is used and the subconscious is tapped to direct the work. 

Artist Statement

No advanced plan is used as the unconscious directs the movement. I attempt to bring myself and the viewer into the instant where the conscious and unconscious mix and the mind begins to make sense of what it sees. It's that moment where our senses are engaged and cognition just begins to categorize and name. I use a calligraphic, graffiti like etching to capture and bring light to this illusive juncture. These moments are flowing, organic and quickly dissipate, which presents itself in the look of decay and entropy. Layers and layers of paint are used to arrive at this point.

My wire sculptures are inspired by found art. I've used handsculpted iron with graphite epoxy finish to sculptural fluid abstracts as a reminder to pause, breathe and enjoy the moment.

Publications and coverage include:
  • Today Show
  • CB2 
  • Art Blogs / News
    • Our Urban Times (2013)

wire sculpture for CB2  ___