Here is a list of poster presenters:

Paola Bonacini -- 0-dimensional schemes in P1xP1: Hilbert functions and minimal free resolutions (Joint poster with Lucia Marino)

Evan Merill Bullock -- Weierstrass points on curves

Dawei Chen --  Geometry of Teichmueller curves

Anand Deopurkar -- Birational geometry of the space of (marked) trigonal curves

Meital Eliyahu -- Conjugation free presentation of  the fundamental group of  the complement of line arrangements : families and torsion freeness
(Joint work with David Garber and Mina Teicher)

Maksym Fedorchuk -- Cyclic covering morphisms on moduli spaces of stable pointed rational curves

Katsuhisa Furukawa -- Rational curves on hypersurfaces

Concettina Galati -- Families of singular curves on general K3 surfaces

Jack Huizenga -- Steiner bundles and divisors on Hilbert schemes of points in the plane

Jesse Leo Kass --  Degenerating the Jacobian: the Neron model versus stable sheaves

Margherita Lelli-Chiesa --Stability of rank-3 Lazarsfeld-Mukai bundles on arbitrary K3 surfaces 

Zhiyuan Li -- Rational points on K3 surfaces over complex function fields

Lucia Marino -- 0-dimensional schemes in P1 x P1: Hilbert functions and minimal free resolutions (Joint poster with Paola Bonacini)

Yusuf Mustopa -- Quartic surfaces as linear Pfaffians

Zsolt Patakfalvi -- Moduli space of stable schemes  (Joint with Bhargav Bhatt, Wei Ho, Christian Schnell)

Nicola Tarasca -- Brill-Noether loci in codimension two

Letao Zhang -- Representation of cohomology of Hilbert schemes of points on K3 Surfaces

Yi Zhu -- Homogeneous Fibrations over surfaces