Fire Dancing

Everyone enjoys a good fire show. Whether it's a festival, a club, or a church, Atomic Flow can brighten any occasion! Specializing in Partner Poi, Sword, Buugeng, Torches, Staff and Hoop, Atomic Flow are master performers. Enjoy the primal wonder of fire, set to synergistic melodies. Lessons in object manipulation and fire safety available. 

Ecstatic Fire @ Dante's

Joe and Sabrina Parner Poi

Oregon Fire Conclave 2012

Joe Good Fire Poi - Exhale

Joe spinning Buugeng and Poi at Pacific Fire

Joe and Zach locked in fire combat with Rose City Vaudeville.
Trifecta In-spin vs. Antispin.
Fire Sword Nautilus.
Flaming Heart.
Video and Photos by Jared Anderson, Cecil Parker, Jeff Zucker.

Selected credits:
Estacada Big Bang 2011, with Hot Hoops Dance Collective.
SOAK! 2011, with Conclave and at Main Stage.
Plan B, Outdoor performance.