Welcome friends! I'm Joe Frisk, teacher and freelance writer out of Austin, Minnesota. This site features articles on my unique teaching 
methods, using advanced document camera technology, and also hosts videos, articles and links to articles I have written in other fields of
study. Please feel free to email me at jgfrisk@hotmail.com or visit me on Facebook
My mission is to popularize advanced visual teaching methodologies and improve teacher performance throughout the country. I'm also 
an active environmentalist and strive to educate the public on the effects of pollution and the importance of environmental awareness and cleanup.



     Don't forget to check out my latest article: The Bugs of Summer. You won't want to miss my YouTube videos featuring otters, industrious muskrats, birds and dragonflies. I've also added recurve bows and knives. If you like fishing lures, see my Lure Heaven! pages. I have photos and a list of birds I have identified in 2010 and 2011, nearly all within 8 miles of Austin, Minnesota. I've begun a new site, Joe's Classic Bicycles, for your enjoyment and hope to add more content soon. 
Finally, bug enthusiasts can check out my Dragonfly & Damselfly Safari! It will soon be one of the best Minnesota-based dragonfly sites on the web! I add content and 
upgrade photos all season long. Don't forget to bookmark the site! Here is my bug site, Dragonfly Safari 2011 and my latest website Frisky's Reviews where you can read or view video product reviews I've published.
My latest video: Dragonfly Safari 5

Please drop everything and teach a child to fish!

Photos by Joe Frisk-2010

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