Academic Factotum

…..Academic Factotum provides short-term, rapid response, and confidential services for chairs, deans, vice presidents, provosts and presidents.

Aide de Camp:   When you need to hand-off tasks at busy times in your academic year

Amanuensis: Watson to your Holmes, we can provide drafts or polished final copy for all manner of reports; speech writing; institutional research and history, editing and analysis

Consigliere:  Even an academic don needs someone “not involved” to provide honest critique and to spin out scenarios, strategies, and plots.

Continuity:  Be it group dynamics at a meeting, complex reorganization of units, or even a construction project, someone needs to watch all the pieces.

Crisis Management: When things go bad, assistance with internal and external communication

Event Management:  To make sure things go right, big picture planning and on the ground management of conferences, artistic programming and campus celebrations

Open, Close, and Bridge: People leave at inopportune times and sometimes all you need is someone to open a semester, close down an operation, or connect one administration to another. 

Pomp and Circumstance:  Protocol savvy organization for Receptions, Graduation Ceremonies, Fund-raisers, and other modes of academic ceremonials.

Space: Space surveys a speciality; office reorganization; classroom reallocations; scheduling and assistance with master-planning

 And As Required…..





Your Academic Factotum is Dr Joseph Boles

Emeritus Professor,
College of Arts and Letters

Northern Arizona University. 

Dr Boles, President of Academic Factotum LLC, has served as Chair of the Department of Humanities, Arts, and Religion; the Director of the Honors Program, the Women’s Studies Program and the School of Art at Northern Arizona University.  He has directed Writing and Composition Programs and worked with Equal Opportunity Programs, Commissions on Women and Ethnic Minorities, and other groups working on diversity. 


He has special strengths in the areas of personnel, project and arts management, scheduling, and project fulfillment.  He brings 35 years of experience providing coherence and vision to academic enterprises. 


The Factotum’s services can be provided on-site and virtually.  Larger projects requiring more than Dr Boles’ services can be arranged and small teams of writers and administrators assembled.


Rates and arrangements made on a case by case basis. 



Services available starting August 1, 2009.