Welcome to the official website of Joseph Blondo, poet and author. He has published two books of poetry, Saint Sea (with Marty Campbell) 1986, and The Greyer Elements 1995; and also in 1986, the long, narrative poem, Six Houses.  His newest work, released Febuary 2010 is the biography/history, Caught between Cultures, A Story of Milton Wan and Vietnam.

Caught between Cultures is the story of Milton Wan, a Seattle man who waits tables at Tai Tung, a Chinese restaurant located in Seattle's International District and frequented many times by Joe Blondo,  It might be said that Milton Wan has had a fascinating and interesting life story. Born in Vietnam in 1943, he endured a troubled childhood caused by an abusive father, leading to a rather unorthodox exit from South Vietnam in late 1963, when he and his twin brother Michael, taking a rather circuitous route, finally reached American soil in August 1964. Four years later he returned to his birth country after he was drafted as a soldier into the United States Army.  After reconciling with his father, Milton spent the next six months avoiding any serious trouble, arriving back in Seattle May 1969, his emotional journey a full and eventful circle.

Joe Blondo is currently promoting Caught between Cultures, so check here for information on where he will be appearing next.

You can e-mail Joe at jbyello@yahoo.com.  You can write to him POB 20023, Seattle, WA 98102