Who am I?

After being born in 1941 (Thanks, Mom!), graduating from Washington Union High School (WUHS) in 1959, San Jose State University in 1965, and the University of Denver in 1969, I began serving on the faculty of the University of Utah  Jan. 1969. The Departments of Bioengineering, Materials Science, and Pharmaceutics were my academic and research homes. I have served as Chairman of Bioengineering,  Interim Chair of Pharmaceutics, and as Dean of the College of Engineering. I started a phased retirement some years ago, completed and closed my academic research projects, and graduated all research students. The phased retirement became full retirement (and Emeritus status) July 1, 2012, enabling me to focus on the Utah District 2 political campaign (www.2andrade.org). Details below.

I keep an office/shop/lab in 2260B Merrill Engineering Bldg, U of Utah, running and doing small projects for science education, The Leonardo, and on responsible citizenship and planetary stewardship.

Barbara and I were married in 1966 in Denver, Colorado. We happily reside in a largely solar-powered small home on Mill Creek in central Salt Lake City; Son #2 Aaron lives and works in Portland, OR; Son #1 Tonio is married and on the History faculty at Emory University. Look for his book: Lost Colony - The Untold Story of China's First Great Victory over the West.  Tonio and Andrea have three daughters who enjoy teaching their grandparents. Barbara has retired from teaching and is developing her grandmothering skills, with an extensive volunteer, exercise, and gardening schedule. She helped found and develop a Salt Lake County Community Garden near our home.

I ran as an Independent Citizen Candidate for Utah Congressional District 2 in 2012; this was my personal 1 year 'experiment' in citizen democracy. Details at www.2andrade.org  The objective of my Jose Quixote campaign was to significantly change the discussion and the direction of the nation and the state of Utah. Although that was only partially successful (I placed 4th in a field of 5!), it taught me a great deal - that experience, perspective, and recommendations will emerge as The RUN - the second in my e-book trilogy, noted below (due out in mid - 2013).

I am also a citizen activist on climate change and energy topics (see @JoeAndrade2012), do Leonardo stand-up performances (see below), and do workshops and demos on an ad hoc basis.

The Leonardo (www.theleonardo.org)

is a unique new Center for Science, Art, and Culture in Salt Lake City, Utah - it opened October 8, 2011 - Allelulia!. I have been working on The Leonardo project since the early 1990s. I have been Director and Board Chair of the complementary Utah Science Center (USC) - a precursor to The Leonardo. USC merged with The Leo on July 1, 2009, freeing me from routine administrative and operational duties. I now serve as a Science Advisor for The Leonardo.

Leonardo da Vinci: An Insatiable Curiosity is a 5 - 7 hour discussion course I have given via the Univ. of Utah Osher Institute and at TheLeonardo. Details are at www.icurious.org and at www.theleonardo.org. I have also 'played' Leonardo at The Leonardo. The stand up 'performance' 'resurrects Leonardo into 2013 and has him respond to questions and inquiries from the audience.

The  Visual Values Project (VVP) was developed in 2010 with Jacob Hanson, Brad Buccambuso and several Univ of Utah undergraduate interns. The original site was focused on Utah-specific candidates for the 2010 elections. Working with Jake Hanson, Youssef Al-Sheikh and others we developed  www.visualvalues.us  site covering all 50 states for the 2012 elections. When I filed to run for Congress in March, 2012 (www.2andrade.org), I stopped further development of and input to the Visual Values site. The site continues as a tool and resource for estimating and presenting an individual's basic values. Use it.

Science without Walls: Science in YOUR World was a University of Utah science literacy telecourse developed 17 years ago. The last offering of the course was Spring Semester, 2012. The text is available here (see left sidebar). Some of the better video segments will eventually be posted to YouTube (some preliminary stuff is there now - search Andrade Utah on YouTube). 

The CALL – Towards Personal Independence and Responsibility

a pamphlet for teens and others to take control of their life and world - is an e-pamphlet focused on youth (ages 15 to 25), urging them to challenge the assumptions and dogma upon which our modern economic and political system is based. The book urges them to do their 'homework', run for office, and get positively involved in political processes. Click on the left tab labeled The Call. The CALL will soon be followed by The RUN and then The PLAN (details below), culminating in an e-book trilogy for responsible citizens.

The Curiosity Project  www.icurious.org   refers to a set of writings and projects in the early thinking and gestation stage, related to Myth, Belief, Religion, Birth, Death, Consilience, and Critical Thinking. The thinking and plans are stimulated by:


Joseph Campbell/Bill Moyers:   The Power of Myth

Carl Sagan: The Demon-Haunted World: 

        Science as a Candle in the Dark

Edward Wilson: Consilience

Sam Harris: The End of Faith and The Moral Landscape

S. C. Hitchcock: Disbelief 101

Dalai Lama: Beyond Religion

My current interest and concern is that the belief systems and structures imposed by traditional Abrahamic religions make their 'true believers' much less accepting of knowledge and education - in all spheres - and thus less capable of functioning as responsible, informed, educated, and rational citizens. Strong 'believers' tend to be susceptible to scams, pyramid schemes, propaganda, advertisements, charlatans, TV evangelists, charismatic talk-show hosts, pundits, and 'prophets' . My goal is simply to encourage/facilitate more intrinsic curiosity, questioning, thinking - hence my interests in Leonardo da Vinci.




modified 6-25-2013