I come in Peace

If I'm so smart, why aren't I rich? 

I have been - a writer, cartoonist, painter, teacher, preacher, stained glass maker, DJ, producer, director and facilitator.

So Far.

My health in the past few years has been - iffy - but I hope to add a few new things to the resume before I go. I need to finish my second novel, "Climbing the Spiral Mountain." I would like to do a volume of my writings about living with a Higher Power beyond my undersanding.  I would like to epxand the educational aspects of Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery.

I am interested in several things...

Joe The Geek - Web and Print Graphics

Skyealms of Jorune - my favorite game world

Ant Works - very cool Ant Farm

XA Speakers - Great source of free AA Speaker MP3s