Welcome to my portfolio. This is a culmination of my efforts and time in the Instructional Technology graduate program at Kent State University. I have recently received Masters Degrees in Education in Instructional Technology and Library Science.  


My education in this program involved integrating technologies into the classroom. It stressed the importance of promoting literacy and strategies to achieve this. I learned about what is involved in managing a library and how a Librarian Media Specialist can best serve the users of the library. I learned how to build a good reference collection and the many tools that available to assist the Librarian Media Specialist with this task. I learned the importance of collaboration among teachers, administrators, and the community. I also learned how to produce media and how to incorporate it into instructional design.


Most of my coursework was taken online, which provided a way for me to experience the online educational tools and media that we were studying. The professors modeled the way in which technologies can be used in the classroom and online. I not only learned how to produce media, but how it can be incorporated into education.


I’ve completed various projects while attending the program at Kent State University. These projects included creating websites, WebQuests, podcasts, videos, lesson plans, graphics, media evaluations, and collaborative wikis. I’ve done photo editing, written policies, worked with a course management system, and written about issues that a Librarian Media Specialist might encounter. Some of these projects can be found here in my portfolio.


This portfolio was organized to align with the 2003 ALA/AASL Standards for Initial Programs for School Library Media Specialist Preparation developed by the American Association of School Librarians. Under each standard I have included links to examples of my work which address and fulfill each of the standards.