The warriors of hills


Latika N.Marak:she has been  a communists throughout her life.During liberation war she was an agent of  local newspaper-‘muktijuddho’and’ notun bangla’.She  carried useful news and papers among the freedom fighters of the hill tracts and the camps of  rangura  and bagmara  .-“why did you  use to take such a risk”?-“My party wanted me to do so.”The brave fighter now caught by old age answered sitting in front her decayed  house .-“we wanted to inspire the freedom fighters.”don’t you want any evaluation?”.-“I WORKED FOR MY OWN COUNTRY ,SO,I DON’T NEED OR WANT TO BE EVALUATED”.she replied.


Bibha Sangma:She’s a respectable person of the ‘Mandi’( generally known  as 'garo')community.In 1971 she took part in liberation war the middle of the year she took shelter in a refugee camp of India but she didn’t stop.She sent the mandi boys who were intended to take part in the war to different places for training.


Sandhya Mree and Veronica simsang:Both of these respectable women were  2nd  year students of nursing in 1971.They joined ‘field nursing hospital’ in march under sector 11. The hospital was situated about 300-400 yards away from baghmara camp.They reached sherpur in September and the fighters attacted  a razakar camp with the help of a shallow machine and forced them to surrender.Sandhya and Veronica gave medical treatments to the wounded freedom fighters there.Then after the end of the war they were back home safe & sound with the help of two Indians.


Kanket:This 21-22 year old girl of khasiya community lived upon business of clothes in 1971.She lived in  dowabazar ,sylhet,near  meghalaya territory.beside her business she observed the violence of Pakistani armies. Her mind became rebel. The freedom fighters told her to keep eyes on rajakars .She pretended to  maintain good terms with the rajakars and they also licked many information trusting her.working according to her informations  the freedom fighters took part in a operation and were successful to eliminate a full gang of rajakars.Then the survivors suspected and informed the Pakistani armies about her.Then she was arrested by the armies and taken to their camp.She beared unspeakable torture there.But she didn’t lick out a single information about the mukti bahini.The extraordinarily brave lady took Her last breath in the Pakistani army camp.


Kakon Bibi:She’s known as “khasiya mukti beti”( The khasiya girl freedom fighter)in her locality.born to a khasiya family  this lady was arrested by the rajakars in the starting of 1971.There  she tolerated unspeakable physical torture by them.they took her to ‘tengra’ camp and there she told the Pakistani major that she was married to a panjabi soldier.varifing the truth, the Pakistani armies decided to use her against bangali soldiers.She agreed forced by the fear of death.she observed the torture upon the bangali women in Pakistani camp and informed the bangali soldiers.She used to still the arms ,bullets etc from Pakistani camp and give them to the bangali soldiers by boat.Of course she herself managed to work as the boatman. The confronted the enemies in about 20 operations like the operation tengratila,operation east Bengal,betirgoan,nurpur,sylai etc.Once she cut down a banana tree and made a vehicle by that to help the soldiers crossing a river.Mukti bahaini was successful to destruct barkafon bridge in sylhet because of her co-operation.In November she was again caught by Pakistani armies.


Teresa Mahato:She was taking a training of primary education in dinajpur P.T.I.she was taken along with 3 other girls to dinajpur mission hospital where they were trained about nursing. in 25th march 1971, Pakistani soldiers attaced dinajpur and her lags ,hands and head were wounded by bullets .After being  a bit  ok she gave the wounded soldiers medical treatment in the same mission. still she’s bearing the wounds of 25th march.


Princhha khe: This  rakhain girl came to Potuakhali with a medical the middle of 1971,Princhha was appointed as the 3rd cook of enemy camp. in October ,Princhha lied to the captain that she was pregnant and wanted to consult a doctor in jhalokathi.escorted by a ‘sipahi’and a habildar she went to see the doctor in jhalokathi.when the doctor asked about her disease she told that she was pregnant and waned to talk to him in private.the doctor took her to another room where she told him that she wasn’t caring any baby.But she requested the doctor not to reveal the truth and tell the captain that she gotta come to consult him once in each 4 day,Princhha bought some poison from the doctor That night Princhha cooked for the camp with that poison and escaped.Among 42 enemies of that camp 14 were dead on the spot and others were taken to the hospital.


Even after 36 years of liberation except kakon bibi none of these ladies are evaluated by historians.

Courtesy:'Narimoncho’the daily prothom alo 20th December 2006


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