Listen to the true story of an anonymous soldier


It was a sunny afternoon of 1971.Lieutenant mehboob & ishraq were on there back to the camp with some other freedom fighters after an operation with the Pakistani armies..suddenly there was a bad news,Pakistani armies were back with more power and they attacked the whole village.Mehboob and ishraq sent their companions to a safe place and hide themselves under the water of a pond full of water hyacinths.a young,pregnant woman was washing clothes in the pond.she noticed them.

After a few moments Pakistani soldiers reached the pond side.they asked the woman-“Has any freedom fighter come here?” “NO” the woman answered  bravely.a soldier shouted to her-“Have u seen any freedom fighter here”?.-“NO”she said once again.Two soldiers clutched her hands and the third one asked again-“Have u seen any freedom fighter here”?The woman was violently bayonet charged after saying "NO "once again.the 8 months pregnant woman’s womb was slashed with bayonet. and an immature baby came out----------.Then it was in the evening when  mehboob and ishraq  came out from water.They saw in the darkness-a mother laying beside her child smeared with blood.who is the bravest of all?and who is a greater freedom fighter?will our history ever evaluate this simple village housewife?

Source:-‘Brave of heart’by- Habibul Alam


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