captain sitara 'bir pratik'


Captain Sitara Begum is one of the two women to hold the title ‘Bir Pratik’in 1995 for her heroic contribution in our liberation war. after passing  MBBS and completing her internee she joined the arm force in 1970.she was a lieutenant till the liberation war was started. in 1971 she was promoted as a ‘captain ’by the order of general Ataul Ghani Osmani .her elder brother was a freedom fighter. she reached to Meghalaya of India in August 1971.and after 2-3 weeks she joined Bangladesh hospital in Meghalkaya where wounded  freedom fighters were given medical treatments. She was under sector 2.The hospital was made of bamboo .It didn’t look like a hospital from outside. Inside the hospital there were 400 beds.There was  more than 400 final year students working  under the direction of captain sitara.There were many Bangladeshi doctors from abroad  such as Dr.zafarullah,Dr kiran sarkar,DR.murshed and so many for the treatment of the wounded freedom fighters.And there were many volunteers from army assisting them.the doctors had to go to agartala,udaypur for medicines.the operation theater was a room covered with plastic cloth. The floor was also covered with plastic cloth. Indian armies also used to come to the hospital for treatment. most of Dr.sitara’s patients suffered from malaria. without Dr. Sitara’s devotion and excellent co-ordination it wouldn’t be possible to give medical treatment so many wounded soldiers with such insufficient facilities.

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