A mother fighting throughout her life

Mst .safiya begum was born in a well –off family..After being married to a rich engineer she gave birth to a daughter but the daughter died when she was 1 year old.within a year she gave birth to a baby boy.she named the boy ‘Azad’(independent). Safiya’s life was full of happiness and  prosperity.Azad’s father gave up his job and started his own business and soon he became richer.There was nothing missing in safiya’s life.She had luxurious house,cars,and lots golden jewelries.She always had been a good housewife who took care of her house,husbands and her only child azad excellently.

But her fate changed all in a sudden.Azad’s father got married for the second time against her will.Safiya left her house in a single saree taking the jewelries given by her father with her son and took a vow that she’d never show her face to her husband .Safiya started struggling with her fate.She took all the responsibilities to take care of azad and also the children of her dead sister.

Time went on.Azad finished his school and college life with the support of his mother.He finished his graduation in Karachi.while in Karachi ,his mind became rebel to see the discrimination between the people of the two parts of Pakistan.Once he told his mother about the people of west Pakistan-“They don’t consider us as muslims,they don’t even consider us as human being . They and we are two different nations”.

After completing graduation azad came back to east Pakistan(now Bangladesh)and got admitted to  Dhaka university in The department of International Relationship.within these years his mother never met his father again and faced all the obstacles alone to grow him up.in 1971,when the liberation war began azad’s friends took part in the battle .Azad and her mother used to give them shelter and food.the freedom fighters used to hide their arms in azad’s house.Then one day azad asked her mother's  permission for going  to the war.He was the apple of his mother’s eye indeed but safiya begum had a patriot heart  stronger than the heart of a mother.She permitted her beloved son to go. Azad  became a brave and expert warrior.Sometimes he used to come home to see her mother accompanied by his co-warriors.safiya took care of each and every boy like her own son.And that’s how she became the mother of all.


But unfortunately azad and his partners were caught by  the Pakistani militaries from his house.Azad  who was never beaten by his mom was beaten by the pak armies with cane, stick and whip. He tolerated severe pain in every joint of his body but he didn’t  lick out a single word about his gang.Even he tried to pretend to be someone else.The armies studied his profile and took a decision to call his mother.They told azad’s mom that if he gave all the information about his gang they would  release him.

Azad met his mom in the jail.safiya begum’s whole existence  cried out to see her own flesh and blood wounded.she held her tears.she asked  her son “Have u told any of ur companions' name?”."NO "azad replied."But they hurts me a lot.i’m afraid , what if I can’t tolerate the pain lick out the names  ?what will happen."?

Safiya advised her son-"My child, when they beat u,just tolerate ,keep your arms and legs hardened and don’t lick out any name.ok"?

Azad told her mother-“ma,I haven’t been eaten rice for 2 days.”Safiya begum promised Azad that she would get him rice the next day.Next morning she cooked rice, chicken curry, eggplant fry and smashed potato.And she went to the jail to feed her beloved son.But her son was gone and never came back.


From then to the last day of her life safiya begum didn’t eat rice for a single day.she ate ruti and vegetables once in a day. Whether it is summer or winter she used to sleep on the floor because her son passed the last few days of his life without any bed.she covered her body with two sarees during winter.she passed a miserable life in slum areas but never asked anyone For favour.She breathed her last in 30th august 1985 just after 14 years of Azad’s death.Azad once to her mom-“ma,if I become famous,I’ll write a biography of you.” Eminent writer Anisul hoque  made Azad’s dream come true.his famous novel ‘ma’(mother)is about the sacrifice of this mother and her child.if u go to the liberation war museum you’ll see    the letter that Azad wrote to his mom from Karachi and a book (Tolstoy-childhood,boyhood  and youth)of Azad which has a hollow created by bullet .