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  • Jock Sturges (born 1947) is an American photographer, best known for his images of adolescents. His work, often taken on the nude beaches of California and France, has been the subject of controversy.
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jock sturges galleries - Misty Dawn:
Misty Dawn: Portrait of a Muse
Misty Dawn: Portrait of a Muse
Over the course of his career, Jock Sturges' long-term engagement with his subjects has been a cornerstone of his work. Misty Dawn, one of his primary and most popular muses, is one such subject; he has photographed her for 25 of her 28 years. Lithe, beautiful, classically proportioned, she is the personification of Sturges' philosophy of being at home in one's body.
This volume follows her growth from a shy, tomboyish child to a gorgeous, confident young woman. Taken as a whole, this series of images presents a unique, fully realized portrait of a blossoming individual and explores a rare and beautiful relationship between photographer and subject. Misty Dawn: Portrait of a Muse presents iconic images as well as previously unpublished material, mined from Sturges' older contact sheets and newest work.
Jock Sturges, born in New York in 1947, received a B.A. in perceptual psychology and photography from Marlboro College in Vermont in 1974 and an M.F.A. from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1985. He has exhibited internationally, and his photographs are in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris. His previous Aperture books include Notes, The Last Day of Summer and Radiant Identities.

New novel
New novel
Wonderfully honest new novel I'm reading by a young author; she signed my copy at BookPeople (although I missed the booksigning; my daughter, who works at Bookpeople, tells me the author was delightful). It tells the story of young girls who were the subject of many famous (some would say infamous) nude photos of an artistic nature by a photographer like Jock Sturges or Sally Mann. The author, as a child, posed as a figurative model for Jock Sturges.
I'm in love ....
I'm in love ....
"Notes" "Last but never least, I thank my wife, Maia, whom I love beyond all reason. I owe her all that I am and do." - Jock Sturges
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At Twelve: Portraits of Young Women
At Twelve is a composite portrait that is both universal and intimately personal. As Ann Beattie writes in her perceptive introduction, "These girls still exist in an innocent world in which a pose is only a pose--what adults make of that pose may be the issue." Sally Mann's work is in the collections of major museums across the country. "Haunting black-and-white studies of children, shown here as surprisingly sensual and often distant beings, the magical keepers of some obscure and vaguely frightening secrets."
--Karen Lipson,Newsday