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Playbill: Duncan Sheik to Score Woodshed Collective's The Tenant

Playbill: The Tenant Opens
Playbill: The Tenant Extends
Playbill: Walking Tour
TheaterMania: Duncan Sheik to Write Original Score For Woodshed

TheaterMania: Tenant Extends
West Side Spirit: Interview

  • "The Woodshed Collective, a venturesome site-specific theater troupe, is tapping into the stuff of urban nightmares with “The Tenant,” based on Roland Topor’s 1964 tale about a Pole in Paris who loses his identity to his creepy new apartment."
  • Ben Brantley, The New York Times
  • "The Woodshed Collective has, with great imagination and wonderful detail, transformed the old five-story West-Park Presbyterian Church into a ramshackle Parisian apartment building (and its environs) circa the nineteen-sixties, where a young Pole, Mr. Trelkovsky (Michael Crane), has rented the flat of a woman who recently killed herself by jumping out the window."
  • The New Yorker
  • "The show proves to be not only a remarkable logistical achievement (a 23-person company performs the piece through various spaces on five floors of the building), but also an impressive artistic one, featuring some top-notch playwriting and some fine performances."
  • TheaterMania
  • "The Tenant is a tightly woven ninety minute psychological thriller, played in the compact environs of West-Park Presbyterian Church, where 23 actors are continually tempting spectators to travel from one intriguing scenario to another."
  • BroadwayWorld
  • "The Tenant is free, and, on its own terms, it's a remarkable achievement. It's also a golden opportunity to get a look at the work of some young people who will definitely be heard from again. If this sort of theatre is your thing, then The Tenant will be catnip. If it isn't, or you're simply curious, it may still be worth a look, because this is about as good as this genre gets."
  • Lighting and Sound America
  • "Whatever fragments of the various stories one comes away with, The Tenant's success can be gauged by the extent of its immersion. After two hours one feels less like a spectator and more like an inhabitant of a beautifully dilapidated old building whose tenants are all different degrees of crazy."
  • The L Magazine
  • "The world they've created is a fascinating one to get lost in."
  • Gothamist
  • "Impressively ambitious, inventive and creative."
  • TimeOut NY
  • "The Tenant, a new site-specific performance piece by the adventurous Woodshed Collective, unfurls this reality like a great theatrical tapestry of vintage grit."
  • The Village Voice
  • "The creative Woodshed Collective is producing this free theatrical event (yes, I said “free”)...  It encompasses everything necessary to heighten the senses..."
  • Examiner
  • "The Tenant is a veritable choose-you-own-adventure of a theatrical experience and one not to be missed if you have the feet, and stomach, for it. Of course having a practiced, peeking, eager eye won’t hurt either."

The Confidence Man.

The New Yorker: Goings On About Town

2009 Woodshed Collective Gala Invite

  • "On an old steam-propelled, decommissioned U.S. Coast Guard vessel docked at Pier 40 on the Hudson, 2009’s most exhilarating theatrical achievement  (thus far) can still be experienced, and it doesn’t cost a dime…
  • Gothamist
  • "Woodshed Collective creates a fun and unique experience where both collide on multiple levels in their latest production for intrepid theatre-goers." 
  • "Woodshed Collective puts on a good show... You won't see anything else quite like it."
  • Blogcritics
  • "Woodshed Collective proves itself up to old tricks in its marvelously intricate and involving new show." 
  • TimeOut NY
  • "With only beer sales… to keep the good ship Woodshed Collective afloat, it’s a wonder this tiny company is able to mount such a huge entertainment. And it’s heartening that they’ve pulled it off." 
  • Variety

12 Ophelias.


  • "A deconstructed masterstroke."
  • New York Press
  • "Truly, genuinely, wonderfully theatrical."
  • "Svich has a lovely way with old stories-her looping, just-shy-of-purple poetry lets her remake the Greeks and Shakespeare with panache."
  • TimeOut NY
  • "Director Teddy Bergman has given the play a spirited production." 
  • The Village Voice