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Adding a New Company, Entering and Editing Data

- Some users have had problems adding a new Company Record page when clicking on the empty space.  Move the cursor around until you see the hand cursor (see figure below) and then click to see the new Company Record page.

Macros - Enabling Macros, Running JobTrack without enabling macros

How to enable Macros?
Depends on what versions of Excel you have. In Excel go to Help, About Microsoft Excel. Now that you know your Excel version, you can do an internet search: "Enabling macros in Excel" or check the sites below. It is very easy to do and needs to be done only once:

When opening JobTrack:
Select "Enable macros" to use all features of the program. If running JobTrack without enabling macros, the following features will not function:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - The grey sort buttons on Company List: #, Company, Priority, Date, Type, Area, Industry. - The pull-down menu and the Lock/UnLock buttons on Area Map.

Company List  Company Record 

The Company List page lists all the companies in JobTrack and gives you a quick overview of your contacts. You can click on the grey buttons to sort the list by that subject. Click on the company or empty space to go to the Company Record page. The only subject that can be modified on the Company List is Priority.      NOTE: Some users have had problems adding a new Company Page when clicking on the empty space.  See Help topic "Adding a New Company, Entering and Editing Data".See Examples:  Company List.    Company Record

Maps - Add your own map City, State or Country

City, State or Country Map
On this page with your city, state or country map you can keep track of the geographical location of your future employer. You can also track the companies by area by clicking on the drop down menu to see the companies by geographical areas.

Add Your Own City, State or Country Map 
1. Copy your own new map; from the internet for example. (right click on the map and select copy). 
2. Click on the green "UnLock Map" button. 
3. Click on the old map and press delete. 
4. Paste your new map.(Ctrl-V) 
5. Adjust the new map in Size and Position. 
6. Click on the now red "Lock Map" button.

Resume and Cover Letter

It is very practical to have your Resume and Cover letter easily on hand while applying for jobs, just copy and paste them into the online form. Follow the instructions on the Resume and CoverLetter page to insert a copy of your resume in Job Track. 

Internet Links and Notes 

Keep track of all your online job boards, career websites and other professional websites. Warning: we do not recommend that you record your passwords in Job Track, yet it's up to each individual. Make sure you delete all personal information before sharing with others. 


Customize your Job Track by adding your specific settings such as Industries and Geographical areas.

Error Messages

#NAME?  - Most probably you have used one of the following operators when starting a note or data entry: +, -, *, /,  =. In order to use these when entering data, you must place a single quotation mark in front ( ' ). Example:   ' - Call next week!
The formula you typed contains an error. -  Same as above, place a single quotation mark in front ( ' ).

Adding a New Company, 
Entering and Editing Data
Macros - Enabling Macros, JobTrack without enabling macros Company List Company Record 
Maps - Add your own maps
Resume and Cover Letter  
Internet Links and Notes  
Error Messages