July 12, 2012. Spokane, WA USA.

save your computer:
All RMFees Google-Sites, are being purged by September 30, 2012.

RMFees is finishing up his newest and greater "own" theory about the Universe, for publication, sometime in 2013.

Within five(5) to fifty(50) years, a "pollution-induced" Ice Age will freeze out all of North America and Europe and Asia.  (Brush up on your winter skills.)

If pollution continues, after that, the "pollution-induced"
Ice Age will only get colder, until no one can work. 

The Natural Ice-Age is every 23,500 years.  It would normally be: 613 years from 2012, plus 5,125 years after that.

Earth can produce Ice Ages, if certain natural oxygen chemistries are not maintainable.  

(Including, if the breathable gasses and oxygen, are not existant or imbalanced, this can heat up the Planet, so that the Gulf Stream will turn itself OFF, which causes things to freeze up.)

World Homeless Shelters, World Food Banks
Low Income Clinics, info for setting up computer mostly free.

Previous Menues in Multiple Languages have been terminated by
the Google Translation Services.   English Language is the only
language, shown here.

Online Yellow Pages, Directories, Casual
Labor Rules, Wholesale and Business Info
Like to Work in the U.S.A. National Parks?
Read the Histories of these Parks, here
18 Ways to Legally Make an Extra $100/Month
Article about ways to get Free Money From
the Bank [read the Fine Print, carefully] =


Protect yourself from Insects:  Make this Low Cost Item, for yourself:

Get a Job or Small Business Today!  

This site covers all USA and all CANADA!
More Links: 
Grab them Quick, they are going Fast! 
 http://usa.gov  also has State Employment
Offices online there, from here.  All informational links on
this personal, non-business website, is provided as a
public service.  This is a database for the Job-Oriented,
and Business-Oriented.
More News - Hot Government Stuff possibly against you!!

Hot New Deals for Jobs@
The U.S.A. Wall Street Market 
The Specific Washington, DC News!
The Specific Political Democratic News!

Breakfast?  Lunch?  Dinner?
Here is a link for people living in New York, Chicago,
Philly, and, L.A. 
Restaurants which deliver your next dinner. There are more than 800 different restaurants, which is, more than a few. 
Here lies some GRUB STAKE  
Concerned with Affairs In the Middle East,
What is Happening?  Need a Link? 
World Newspapers, ONLINE:
Need News! Now? Television Links below.
Clik underlines.
BBC World News       FOX NEWS    
Need Radio News Now?  Clik underlined links below.
Do Not Pay Dollars to any organization saying it
is a Job Online for making $5000 a Month.  They are supposed to pay you, remember?  Careful of scams which are out there trying to get you to pay them.
Need a Campground When You Travel?
Campgrounds of the USA, and Hotels,
Motels, and RV Parks and Private 
Canada does not appear to have
a reliable link to any of its Provincial 
Parks and Campgrounds that this
website builder could find.

www.woodalls.com = free signup & login

So, If you live in WA State, use this Food
Banks Map of the State, to help yourself
to find your necessity, now. Food Bank Map
Labor Ready and Manpower Information = Clik Here
"It is not the 'Last Days of The World"
[no matter who says otherwise].  
You'll see, that after 2012 or 2024 or more.... 
the World is still here... if you're still here.  
Website, below,by
the Federal Gov, can assist you:

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