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Using Drizzle Client

You can connect to server by specifying its name or ip like:

$>drizzle -h

if you did not specify the Server's name or IP it takes the default (localhost)

Powered by GNU Readline:
Drizzle client is compiled with GNU Readline libraries which powers full fledged Editing, Tab completion and History management.

Extensive coverage of features supported by readline is beyond the scope of this article. but let me cover few:
seaching though previous history of commands and re issueing it is a very much useful feature.

Press Ctrl+r.  Shortcut for seaching reverse interactively though history.
then start typing initial characters of any of the commands you issued previously. the search brings it up to display
when correct command is displayed you just need to hit the Enter key to execute the command

See a nutshell view of shortcuts available though ReadLine