About Myself

During my education, Hobby Electronics was my passion.
Just like a feather blown by wind, i landed on Computer Science.

My Intersts:
Hobby Electronics,
Open Source,
RDBMS Systems.

I am an Oracle DBA for around 8+ Years. currently working for Dell. administering Oracle on complex environments on Megagrid and RAC.

Why I am a Drizzle fan

Like any pices of technology, software becomes unmaintainable after sometime and need a complete redesign. but very few dare to do it.
(Cars of 1980's are not there on the roads now. but software are there with all stupid workarounds!)
i searched throughout my carrier for a RDBMS project or product like that.. but never found until i discovered Drizzle.
Yes!..Yes!.. they are in the right direction.
All my Drizzle related works are blogged in DrizzleNotes

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