About JBLADE   

        JBLADE is an open-source propeller design and analysis code written in the Qt® programming language. The code is based on David Marten’s QBLADE and André Deperrois’ XFLR5
        The airfoil performance figures needed for the blades simulation come from QBLADE’s coupling with the open-source code XFOIL. This integration, which is also being improved, allows the fast design of custom airfoils and computation of their polars.

        JBLADE uses the classical Blade Element Momentum (BEM) theory modified to account for the 3D flow equilibrium. A short view about theoretical formulation for propeller analysis is presented in the Guidelines
        The code can estimate the performance curves of a given propeller design for off-design analysis. The software has a graphical interface making easier to build and analyze the propeller simulations.
        The long term goal of the JBLADE is to provide a user-friendly, accurate, and validated open-source code that can be used to design and optimize a variety of propellers.

  • Extrapolation of XFOIL generated or imported polar data to 360° AoA with improved airfoil leading edge radius correlation
  • Blade design and optimization, including 3D visualization
  • Parametric simulations including evaluation of performance performance over an airspeed, rotational speed and pitch range
  • Manual selection of BEM correction algorithms
  • Manual selection of all simulation parameters
  • Analysis and prediction of performance curves for a given blade geometry
  • Data browsing and visualization as post processing
  • Export functionality for all created simulation data
  • Blade geometry export functionality
  • Storing of projects, blades, propellers and simulations in a runtime database