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Friends online

José Jorge Assistant Professor at University of Porto, and a great traveler.

Miguel St. Aubyn. Economics Professor at ISEG. My Supervisor and co-author. 


Economics and Demography links

Econ Talk. Great Economics Podcasts 

Economics Research in Portugal - Rankings

Robert J. Shiller. A reference in Finance 

Center for Economic Research on Ageing           

Center on the Economics and Demography of Aging at Berkeley

CESIFO. Research Group in Germany. Lots of Papers available. Database for Institutional Comparisons in Europe.

Dr. T's Good site with plenty of links related to economics.

European Society for Population Economics

Human Mortality Database

International Union for the Scientific Study of Population

Journal of Population Economics

Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

Michigan Retirement Research Center

National Transfer Accounts. "National Transfer Accounts (NTA) is an accounting system for measuring intergenerational transfers at the aggregate level in a manner consistent with National Income and Product Accounts"  

NBER Center for Aging and Health Research

Netspar. "Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement". Good resources. Check the video lectures in here.

Online Statistical Sources

RAND Labor and Population

Robert D. Burch Center for Tax Policy and Public Finance (At Berkeley). A Matlab Generational Accounting Program is available for download as well as several papers. 

The Health and Retirement Study. "A Longitudinal Study of Health, Retirement, and Aging"

The Institute for Fiscal Studies

Vienna Institute of Demography

UECE - Research Unit on Complexity and Economics (At ISEG) 



Alan Gustman. Research in Retirement, Pensions and Social Security. Papers available for download.

Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz. Research in Demography and also in Economics. Lots of material to download. Check the Projects area. Teaches a course on Economic consequences of population ageing, with downloadable papers used in the lectures.

Andrew Mason. Research in Population economics, macroeconomics, economic growth. His research page has a lot of papers to download. 

Ben Heijdra. Current research in overlapping generations, pensions, and ageing. Downloads of working paper versions of publications with mathematical appendix are available. Also available lecture notes. Link to the Supporting site of Foundations of Modern Macroeconomics.

Charles Jones . Lots of papers to download, particularly in Economic Growth. LaTeX tips available. There is a link to the Handbook of Economic Growth. 

Cruz Echevarria . Research in Demography, Human Capital and Economic Growth.

Daron Acemoglu. Research in Economic Growth, Political Economy, Economic Development, Human Capital, among others. Lots of stuff to download: Lecture Notes, papers, presentations, and a book on economic growth.

David Bloom. Current research in labor economics, health, demography, and the environment. No material for download but a publication list important in his area of research. 

David de la Croix. Research in demography, economic growth, human capital, overlapping generations. Lots of papers to  download. Co-author of A Theory of Economic Growth : Dynamics and Policy in Overlapping Generations.

David N. Weil. A lot of research in population ageing and economic growth. Some recent papers available for download.

Eytan Sheshinski. Lots of papers to download, as well as some lecture notes. Wide research interests, covering social security, annuities, growth, among others.

Hippolyte d'Albis. Research in Economic Dynamics, OLG. Papers available for download.

James D. Feyrer.  Research on the empirics of growth, demography. Papers available for download. 

James Poterba. Research in taxation, Social Security. Recent papers available for download. 

Jeffrey Liebman. Research in taxation and social security. Several papers available for download. 

Kent Smetters. Research in social security. Lots of papers for download. 

Lawrence Kotlikoff. Research in social security. Lots of downloadable papers. 

Lutz Hendricks. Research in human capital. Mostly empirical work. Lots of papers for download. Also available for download a Database of Mincer Earnings Regressions. Some advice for choosing a Phd topic.

Mark Huggett. Research in Inequality, Social Insurance. Lots of papers for download. 

Martin Feldstein. Page at NBER. Lots of papers and non-technical papers for download.

Paulo Brito. Research in Economic Dynamics, Economic Growth. Lots of lecture notes and papers for download.

Peter Diamond. Lots of papers on Social Security for download.

Robert Tamura Research in Human Capital, Demography, Economic Growth. Lots of papers for download as well as the data used.

Raouf Boucekkine. Research in Economic Dynamics, Economic Growth, Demography, Mathematical Methods Papers available for download. 

Ronald Lee. Research in Economics and Demography. Recent papers available for download. The syllabus of courses related to economic demography are availble.

Tapas Mishra. Research in Demography and Economic Growth Dynamics.

Thomas Lindh. Research in Demography and Economics. This is the page at IDEAS. 


Blogs I often look at

Greg Mankiw's Blog.

Paul Krugman's Blog

Dani Rodrik's Blog. 

VoxEU. "Research-based policy analysis and commentary from leading economists"

Calculated Risk. A Blog on Finance and Economics.

Portugal dos Pequeninos. Mostly comments on issues related to Portugal. In Portuguese. 

Economics. "Just another blog tagging resources for economics students"

Demography Matters Blog. The name says it all. Good Demography Links 

Stephen Kinsella's Blog

Euro Intelligence


Leisure links

Reelviews. Movies reviews.

Improbable Research. "Research that makes people LAUGH and then THINK".

Yoram Bauman, The world's first and only stand-up economist.

Piled Higher and Deeper. Phd Comics. "Life (or the lack thereof) in Academia".

Comedy Central. Videos with some of the best ironic humour available. Mostly US and Political themes.

BladeZone. For Blade Runner Fans.

Dark Party Review. "Literature, Movies, Music and Culture"

Ton Schulten. Dutch Artist.

Time Out Lisbon.

Reality Carnival. "News that shatters the ice of our unconscious!". By Cliff Pickover.

Quasi Economics. Some humour on Academia. Peter Watts page. Science fiction books online.

Charles Stross site. Science fiction

Other good links

KIVA - loans that change lives

MIT OpenCourseWare

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Project Gutenberg

The Karl Popper Web

The Online Library of Liberty

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