Rudd Sculpture Studio 2010

What is terra cotta?

Low fire, baked clay, like a flower pot. Safe outdoors, protect from hard freeze.

What is carved clay?

A solid block (or slab) of clay carved into with knives looks very different than sculpture built up or “modeled” from small bits of clay

What is cast stone?

A fine concrete made of cement, marble dust (crushed dolomite), and marble chips. The garden pieces range in age from 5-30 years and do well in our climate.

What is cast aluminum?

A styrofoam original was carved  and then hollowed and buried in a sand box. Molten aluminum was poured into the box where it vaporized the styrofoam. 1 step.

What is cast bronze?

A flexible mold was made over a clay original and a wax replica poured. Then the wax version is invested in a ceramic shell and molten bronze vaporizes the wax. 2 steps.

What is a limited edition of sculpture?

Value  is added when an “edition” is only the unique, original sculpture, or when a “limited” edition is produced not to exceed a limit of ten professional, signed castings.

What is indirect stone carving?

A clay model or maquette is formed to serve as a guide for cutting into the stone. Hand tools and air chisels (like those used to break a sidewalk but smaller) are used.

What does “Artist retains the right of reproduction” mean on my receipt.

This means I own the copyright on the works themselves and on photos.

Can I order a custom piece from a photograph of mine?

Commissioned design work is possible from photographs or from life:

e.g. portrait, figurative, functional, or abstract. Allow 4-10 weeks.

Why are some works painted or glazed?

I generally prefer the plain terra cotta, but some works might be better with color.

Optional surface color treatments are available at a small additional cost: 

e.g. milk, acrylic paint, oil paint, glaze(s). See samples.  Allow 1-3 weeks.

 Can I bring visitors?

Visitors are welcome by appointment only Email: joan [dot] rudd [at] comcast [dot] net

Thank you !

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