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Several families founded the Boscobel village and are therefore resting in the cemetery. We shall try to include as many names as possible, depending on how many of the stones we are still able to read.

By clicking on the names in the left menu, you will find photos of the monuments for that family as well as any information we were able to read. Other content (information, photos and stories) will be added if available.

Following is a document by Maud Copping Derry listing the names of those buried in Boscobel. Some have monuments, others are from her recollection. I have added some comments or corrections (in blue) throughout the text.

Please feel free to contact me with any corrections or additional information. I've been trying to insert the photos in a certain order, trying to keep family members together. However, there may be some mistakes. Please let me know if there are any changes to be made. I will gladly rearrrange the photos as requested.

 - Joan


Boscobel Maud Derry.


The land for this cemetery and Church of St. John the Divine was donated by the late William Hackwell, Sr. who came from England and was one of the first settlers.  In fact he named Boscobel, Quebec from Boscobel in England where Charles 1 hid in the trunk of an oak tree the night before he was beheaded.  As far as I know,  there was only 1 true oak tree in Boscobel and I dare say is still standing on the church land.


A list of ones buried in Cemetery is as follows:




Mrs. Charles P. Abbott, née Mary Smart

William Abbott

Percy Abbott

Mrs. Abbott was wife of Rev. C.P. Abbott who was minister at St. John the Divine, Boscobel, Quebec for 26 years.  They had a family of 10 fine children, 5 boys and 5 girls.  I think the last 3 - Fred, Agnes and Percy were born in Boscobel.  Rev. C.P. Abbott died at his daughter's in Burlington, Vermont and is buried there where 4 of his daughters Mary, Carrie, Alice and Agnes are also buried.


Walter and Charles died and are buried in Newport, Vermont.  Fred, in Calgary, Alberta. 

Sarah Abbott was the first teacher chosen in Montreal to go to Capetown, South Africa to teach after the Boer War.  She married an English doctor there and they are both buried in Capetown.




Mary Alice Copping Barker died in Montreal and is buried in the George Copping lot......beside her sister Clara and her parents. See information for George Copping and wife Elizabeth Copping.




Nathaniel Carter has no marker but he is a brother of my grandmother Catherine Truax and I think is buried in that lot.


Henry Copping and his wife Sarah Holtby Copping both from Rawdon, Qc.

Thomas Copping

Sidney Copping

Edward Copping

David Copping

Albert Copping  All sons of Henry and Sarah and all died of Black Diphtheria within a few weeks of each other...3 of them grown men.


A few years later Sarah and her 4 remaining children moved to Ottawa where she had 2 brothers with good positions in C.P.R. and they placed her sons in jobs.  They eventually drifted west.  Walter took up ranching in Manitoba and Albert in C.P.R. further west.  Albert and Alberta were twins, the latter married and lived and died in Winnipeg and is buried there.  Lena married Andrew Clothier and lived and died in Ottawa.  Aunt Sarah was brought back to Boscobel for burial beside her husband and sons.


George Copping and his wife Elizabeth Copping were first cousins, both born in Rawdon and came to Boscobel around 1865.  They had 6 children, first one died at birth and was buried in the garden of the old home, before the church or cemetery came into existence.


Clara Maud Copping died in Montreal in Feb. 1946 and is buried in Boscobel.


Alice Copping Barker also died in Montreal Feb. 1957 and is buried in Boscobel.


Charles Clayton Copping died a small boy and is in the family plot there.


Gray Copping and wife died in Peterboro and buried or rather cremated in Peterboro.


Melvin Copping died and is buried in White River Ont. He married Retta O'Hara and they had no family but adopted a boy, John, he also died and buried in White River, Ont.


Joseph Copping b. 1849 d. 1907

wife Annie Augusta nee Truax b. 1850 d.1884

wife Emily Elizabeth nee Moffatt b. 1852 d. 1933


Joseph and Annie had 6 children.

Norman Benjamin Copping b. 1847 d. 1962

Grace Didamia Copping b. 1876 d. 1925

William Carter Copping b. 1878 d. 1957

James Wilfred Copping b. 1880 d. 1957

Maud Catherine Copping b. 1882 d.1976

Clifford Grant Copping b. 1884 d. 1973


Joseph and Emily had 2 children.

Laura Gertrude Copping b. 1887 d.1967

Annie May Copping b.1889 d.1976


Norman Copping married Eva Elizabeth Oborne in 1904.  She died 1947.  Buried Boscobel.

William Carter Copping married Isabel Lummis Copping.   She died 1966

Bertal Copping, son of William and Isabel died in infancy and buried Boscobel.

Clarence Copping, son of William and Isabel killed in World War 2 overseas.


Grant Clifford Copping b.May1, 1884 married Florence Laurie in1904.  They had 3 children namely:

Evelyn Alice Copping married Robert Maxwell

Clifford Laurie Copping

Katherine Isabel Copping married Sam Luciani (sp?)

Grant died Nov.5, 1973 buried in Shawinigan, Que.




Kenneth Francis Ogilvy Derry born in Montreal July 27, 1881.  d. 1936 Buried in Boscobel.

His wife Maud Catherine Copping b. Boscobel Mar.3, 1882 d.1976 Buried in Boscobel.




William Hackwell, Sr. came out from England settled in Boscobel in fact he gave Boscobel it's name and was very instrumental in church and gave the land for same.  He married Sarah Young.  Their children were:

Joseph Hackwell

Lot Hackwell

Robert Hackwell

Sarah Hackwell. 

Joseph Hackwell had 2 wives. First was Catherine Beers.  They had 2 children:
William II


Second wife. Agnes Ledoux of Waterloo, Quebec.  They had 8 children:

Marcus Hackwell buried in St. Andrew's (?) Quebec

Leslie Hackwell buried Montpelier, Vermont

John Hackwell buried the North West

Arleen Hackwell buried Boscobel

Stuart Hackwell buried Boscobel

Allen Hackwell

Lela (sp) Hackwell

Gertrude Hackwell buried Boscobel


Lot Hackwell married Louisa Cox.  They had no family.  They are both buried in Boscobel.


Robert Hackwell married Annie Beers.  They had 2 sons:

Edward Hackwell

Garnet Hackwell


Sarah Hackwell married Henry Oborne.  Both are buried Boscobel.


Sidney Hayes drowned in river in Boscobel 1891 or 2.  Buried Boscobel near Copping lot.


John Hyde Sr. married Sarah Hyde


George Hyde Jr. all in Boscobel cemetery.


Stephen Haslett his wife was Ella Norris they had 1 child Ethel Haslett who married George Oborne.  All buried Boscobel.


James Haslett married Minnie Norris, both buried Boscobel. They had 2 sons...I don't know where.




Merrill Johnson is buried Boscobel.  He married Olivia Ingalls.  They had one daughter Pearl Johnson.




Charles Ledoux married Elizabeth Hackwell. No family. Both buried Boscobel.


Hannah Laurie née Norris. Buried Boscobel.


Rev. Cornwallis Lummis buried in Boscobel.  Mrs. Cornwallis Lummis was of French descent.  Look on stone for her name I think it was Louisa Palemonde.




Mary Martin was sister to Rev. Martin who had charge of Boscobel church 1900 to 1906.  She was killed on board ship coming from England to keep house for Rev. J.W. Martin.


Major N.R. Moffatt married Grace Copping both are in Boscobel.  They had 4 children:

Marjorie Maud Moffatt Lafreniere

Allison Laura Moffatt Lynn

Russel Copping Moffatt married Marion Chilton

Brenda Anne Moffatt died at birth and is buried in Copping lot.


Marjorie Abbott Munroe buried Abbott lot. She was daughter of Alex and Mary Abbott and granddaughter to C.P. Abbott




Neil Norris married Alice Oborne.  Both buried Boscobel.




David Oborne buried Boscobel. His wife, and a big family. I do not know where they are buried.

Note: David is buried in Boscobel but his wife Dilinda moved to Massachusetts to live with her daughters after her last child was married. She is buried there in Fitchburg. None of David's children are buried in Boscobel.


James Oborne Jr. and his wife Annie Brown

James Oborne Sr, next to his wife, Mary Young

Mrs. James Oborne buried just above the Copping lots.

Henry Oborne married Sarah Hackwell.  They had 3 children:

George Oborne

Thelma Oborne (Copping)

Alice Oborne (Norris)  All buried in Boscobel.


George Oborne married Ethel Haslet. No family.




James Staple, I think this was the first burial in the cemetery.




Benjamin Truax, his wife Catherine Carter

Addie Truax.  All buried Boscobel.

William Truax, his wife Maria Fletcher buried Boscobel.

John Truax, his wife Drilla Verlandre buried Boscobel

Harry Taber and  2 children buried Boscobel

Wife Ida  buried in Hackwell lot.



David Vanatta buried down near the fence.  He worked at the Copping mill and died of cancer at our house and was buried in the cemetery at expense of my father Joseph Copping. He had 2 sisters but they did not come forward even for his funeral.