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Joanna Foster TV and Theatre

The Bible - Exodus
Channel 5
Role: Miriam

The Borgias
Channel 5
Role: Stalwart Nun
Director: Neil Jordan

Family Affairs
Channel 5
Role: Ginny Davenport
Director: Penny Shales

Coronation Street
Granada Television
Role: Susan Barlow
Director: Colin Cant

Brotherly Love
Role: Linda
Director: Ron Bain

The Bill
Channel 4
Role: Karen Fisher
Director: Jan Sargent

Fighting for Gemma
Granda Television
Role: Susan Wilde
Director: Julian Jarrold

Love and Reason
Role: Kay Moore
Director: Carol Wilkes

Do the Right Thing
Role: Colleen
Director: Henry Foster

Role: Kate Miller
Director: Alan Wareing

Blind Justice
Role: Ellen Thompson
Director: Michael Whyte

Channel 4
Role: Louise
Director: Tim Thywell

Play for Today - Rainy Day Women
Role: Joan
Director: Ben Bolt

West Country Tales – The Visitor
Role: Fran
Director: John King

Role: Clara Brewer
Director: Cyril Coke

Testament of Youth 
Role: Elizabeth
Director: Moira Armstrong


Tamburlaine The Great
Role: Zabina/Olympia
Director: Michael Fox

The Nets
Role: Susanna
Director: Maria Vigar

Man in a Box
Role: Lesley
Director: Michael Fox


Dalston Songs by Helen Chadwick
Chats Palace Arts centre
Role: Soloist
Director: Rosamund Hutt

The Dead Fiddler
New End Theatre, Hampstead
Role: Zise Figa
Director: David Zoob

The Criminals
Lyric Theatre, Studio
Role: Beba
With sister Miranda Foster
Director: Ian Brown

“Joanna Foster is striking as a living embodiment of a cruel girl-woman in a Paula Rego painting.
Miranda Foster is utterly transformed into her own embittered and unforgiving mother.”

All My Sons
The Royal Exchange
Role: Ann
Director: Greg Hersov

“Lion in autumn: John Thaw as Joe in Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons”,
with Joanna Foster as Ann – giving a warm but steely performance.” – The Times

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

US Tour and Globe Theatre
Role: Helena
Director: The cast

Keely and Du
Royal Theatre Northampton
Role: Keely
Director: Michael Napier Brown

The Yiddish Trojan Women
Soho Theatre Co, The Cockpit
Role: Abby
Director: Hettie MacDonald

Brezhnev’s Children
Role: Galina
Director: Chattie Salaman

Intimate Strangers Theatre Co
Role: Maud
Directors: Jo Foster/M Thompson

Huis Clos
Omerta Theatre
Role: Estelle
Director: Vanessa Fielding

The Merchant Of Venice
The Royal Exchange
Role: Jessica
Director: Braham Murray

The Lady from the Sea
The Gate Theatre
Role: Ellida
Director: Paddy Taylor

“Joanna Foster movingly conveys all the self-destructive intensity of a love verging on madness.”
– Time Out

theatre cont'd

The Torch Theatre
Role: Lady Macbeth

The Threepenny Opera
The Royal National Theatre
Role: Lucy Brown
Director: Peter Wood

Sung & Unsung
The Royal National Theatre
(Brecht songs and poems)
Director: Jonathan Meyerson

Measure for Measure
The Young Vic
Role: Isabella
Director: David Thacker

“Isabella, that fresh breath of reason and justice in the face of Angelo’s stifling severity is played with spirited sensitivity by Joanna Foster and her prison scene with condemned brother Claudio is the most convincing I’ve seen.” – Time Out

Music To Murder By
The Nuffield Theatre
Role: Maria
Director: Justin Green

Much Ado About Nothing
Royal Shakespeare Co
Role: Hero
Director: Terry Hands

Royal Shakespeare Co
Role: Armand
Director: Bill Alexander

Good Work & Silence On My Radio
Royal Shakespeare Co
Director: Peter Flannery

A Doll’s House
The Duke’s Lancaster
Role: Nora
Director: David Thacker

Romeo & Juliet
The Duke’s Lancaster
Role: Juliet
Director: David Thacker

The Glass Menagerie 
The Duke’s Lancaster
Role: Laura
Director: David Thacker

A Streetcar Named Desire
The Duke’s Lancaster
Role: Stella
Director: David Thacker

Stags & Hens
The Duke’s Lancaster
Role: Carol
Director: David Thacker

If Winter Comes
Leicester Haymarket
Role: Illona/Feppi
Director: Jan Sargent

Leicester Haymarket
Director: Jan Sargent

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