Joana Sipe, PhD

Environmental Engineering Postdoctoral Researcher


lab website: Wiesner Lab

LinkedIN: Profile Link

I am an environmental engineer studying the degeneration of polymers and release of chemical additives in collaboration with EU partners. I am also the director of INFRAMES. an international networking grant, at Duke University. 

I received my doctorate in May 2022 and am expanding research into emerging contaminants and sustainable water technologies and materials.

I have 10 years of nano-research experience, recently working for my advisor Dr. Wiesner under Center for the Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (CEINT) and at Arizona State University under LCNano EPA grant with Dr. Paul Westerhoff and Dr. Pierre Herckes with aerosol research. 

I have collaborated with CPSC, US Army Corps of Engineers and NIST to research the release of microplastics and nanomaterials from polymers using a novel abrasion machine design. 

I am a NSF- GRFP award recipient who has been a keynote speaker at TechConnect 2018 and SRA 2020 and also presented my work on microplastic generation rates at the Microplastics 2018 conference in Switzerland when single-use plastics were banned in Europe.

 I have been a member of the graduate advisor board for SHPE national and trained regional graduate leaders from 2017-2020 and was the graduate advisor and involved in Latinx outreach at Duke University and the Durham area from 2017-2022. 

In the future, I look to hold a position in academia.