Joakim Ruist

Migration researcher at Gothenburg University, Department of Economics                                    

+46 703 967731

My aim is to increase knowledge about how societies are affected by immigration. My research focuses on immigrants' integration in the receiving country, their impact on the receiving country's economy, and attitudes to immigration. I have also written several texts on the need for the EU to replace the right to asylum with a quota system.'

Manuscripts of research in progress

Shift-share instruments and the impact of immigration (with David Jaeger and Jan Stuhler)

Long live the American Dream: Self-selection and inequality-persistence among American immigrants

Academic writings

Journal publications

How the macroeconomic context impacts on attitudes to immigration: evidence from within-country variation (Social Science Research, Vol 60 (2016), pp 125-134)

The fiscal cost of refugee immigration: the example of Sweden (Population and Development Review, Vol 41 (2015), pp 567-581) [Short summary in Swedish]

Free immigration and welfare access: The Swedish experience (Fiscal Studies, Vol 35 (2014), pp 19-39)

Immigrant-native wage gaps in time series: Complementarities or composition effects? (Economics Letters, Vol 119 (2013), pp 154-156)

Wage effects of labor migration with international capital mobility
(with Arne Bigsten: The World Economy, Vol 36 (2013), pp 31-47)

Selected other

Tid för integration – en ESO-rapport om flyktingars bakgrund och arbetsmarknadsetablering 

Outmigration and income assimilation during the first post-EU-enlargement migrants' first decade in Sweden [Summary in Swedish]

The fiscal impact of refugee immigration (Nordic Economic Policy Review, 2017)

Migration, en åldrande befolkning och offentliga finanser (with Lennart Flood; SOU 2015:95; Background report for the Swedish long-term survey 2015)

The fiscal consequences of unrestricted immigration from Romania and Bulgaria [Corrections]

Selected popular versions and opinion

On refugee immigration

Five pages on why the EU should replace the right to asylum with a quota system: [Swedish] [English]

Longer and more detailed version: [Swedish only]

Flyktinginvandring och offentliga finanser: Kort sammanfattning av metod och resultat

Fiscal costs of refugees in Europe (VoxEU, Jan 28, 2016)

Överge FNs flyktingkonvention (SvD Brännpunkt, Sept 8, 2015)

Tala med stolthet om Sveriges insats (SvD Brännpunkt, Aug 22, 2015)

Därför flyr syrier just till Sverige (SvD Brännpunkt, Mar 28, 2015)

Vår generositet gör oss starka på sikt (SvD Brännpunkt, Oct 19, 2014)

On migration within Europe
On national identity