Associate Professor
                 PUC School of Management

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Short Vita

Ph.D Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University,                            (2009)  
Assistant Professor at London School of Economics (MES Group)                       (2010-2012) 
Assistant Professor at PUC School of Management                                              (2013-2016)
Associate  Professor at PUC School of Management                                             (2016 Present)

"Age-differentiated minimum wages in developing countries" 
  Mauricio Larrain, Joaquin Poblete. 
  Journal of Development Economics2007,  84 (2). pp. 777-797 

"Real-money vs. play-money forecasting accuracy in online prediction markets - empirical insights from Ipredict"
Sebastian Diemer, Joaquin Poblete.
Journal of Prediction Markets, 2010, 4 (3). pp. 21-58.

"The form of incentive contracts: Agency with moral hazard, risk neutrality and limited liability" 
Joaquin Poblete, Daniel Spulber.
 Rand Journal of Economics , 2012 ,43, pp 215-234

 Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2014, 23 pp 50-67.

International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2015.

European Economic Review, Forthcoming

Management Science, Forthcoming

Working Papers and work in Progress

Gaston LLanes, Joaquin Poblete

Francisco Brahm, Joaquin Poblete

"Sabotage in Agency" 
Nicolás Figueroa, Joaquin Poblete

"Financial contracts and the size of start-ups"
Joaquin Poblete