Joachim Hubmer


I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. I obtained a PhD in Economics from Yale University in 2019. My research focuses on the macroeconomics of technological change and inequality.

What's new?

HOT OFF THE PRESS: The Race Between Preferences and Technology, 2023, Econometrica, 91: 227-261 (

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Tax Wedges, Financial Frictions, and Misallocation, with Árpád Ábrahám, Piero Gottardi, and Lukas Mayr, 2023, Journal of Public Economics, 227 (

UPDATED 2024/6: Why Are the Wealthiest So Wealthy?New Longitudinal Empirical Evidence and Implications for Theories of Wealth Inequality, with Elin Halvorsen, Serdar Ozkan, and Sergio Salgado [paper] [supplemental material]

UPDATED 2024/4: Not a Typical Firm: Capital–Labor Substitution and Firms’ Labor Shares, with Pascual Restrepo, Conditionally Accepted at AEJ:Macro [paper]

FIRST DRAFT 2024/7: Scalable vs. Productive Technologies, with Mons Chan, Guangbin Hong, Serdar Ozkan, and Sergio Salgado [paper]

Contact Information

Department of Economics

University of Pennsylvania

E-mail: jhubmer [at]