Johannes Hörner

Professor of Economics

Department of Economics

Yale University


Reading group

Thursdays, 4-5pm, 28 Hillhouse Avenue, Room 108

September 12: Sander Heinsalu presents "Signaling in a stochastic environment and dynamic limit pricing" by Sebastian Gryglewicz

September 25: Dongkyu Chang presents "Outside options and the failure of the Coase conjecture"  by Simon Board and Marek Pycia and "A model of price adjustment" by Peter Diamond

October 3: Sambuddha Ghosh presents  "Self Accessibility and Public Randomisation"  (with Ani Dasgupta)

October 10: Chiara Margaria presents  "Optimal Stopping with Multiple Priors"  by Frank Riedel

October 31: Noam Tanner presents  "Information and Reforms: Electoral Campaigns and the Voters' Curses"  by Carlo Prato and Stephane Wolton

November 7: Ann-Katrin Roesler presents "Partisanship in Committee"

November 21: Sander Heinsalu

December 5: Yingni Guo

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