Johannes Hörner

Professor of Economics

Department of Economics

Yale University


Reading group

Thursdays, 4:30-5:30pm, 28 Hillhouse Avenue, Room 108

March 5: Elliot Lipnowski presents "Repeated Delegation" by Elliot Lipnowski and Joao Ramos

March 26: Valerio Dotti presents "Generalized Comparative Statics for Political Economy Models" by Valerio Dotti

April 2: Tibor Heumann presents "Multidimensional Uncertainty and Hypersensitive Asset Prices" by Tomasz Sadzik and Chris Woolnough

April 9: Anna Bykhovskaya presents "Efficient Assignment with Interdependent Values" by Yeon-Koo Chee, Jinwoo Kim and Fuhito Kojima

April 16: Chiara Margaria presents "A Reputational Theory of Firm Dynamics" by Simon Board and Moritz Meyer-ter-Vehn

April 23: Shiva Kumar Venkatraman presents "Dynamic mechanism design: dynamic arrivals and changing values" by Daniel Garrett

April 30: Alvaro Parra presents "Mergers in Innovative Industries" by Guillermo Marshall and Alvaro Parra

May 7: Noam Tanner presents "Perceiving Prospects Properly" by Jakub Steiner and Colin Stewart

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