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We ordinarily take perception to present the world to us. But illusions and hallucinations seem to show that this cannot be so. In this course, we will frame the problem of perception and critically assess influential responses to it.

Every week, we will take an in-depth look at a classic article in the philosophy of perception by philosophers such as Strawson, Moore, Tye, Harman, etc. Students will gain familiarity with key debates in the philosophy of perception. No background in the philosophy of perception is presumed.

The picture to the right is a composite image of the photographer in an Ames room.

  • WHO? Kranti Saran, Fellow in Philosophy (Harvard) and Visiting Fellow (JNU) will teach the course.
  • WHAT? A copy of the syllabus is available here.
  • WHERE? Seminar Room, Centre for Philosophy, JNU
  • WHEN? In the past, unfortunately. The course is now over.

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