Shop Pictures

Out of the ashes comes the new shop....

Welcome to The Rustic Touch Cabinet Shop 



 Located in beautiful downtown Holbrook,AZ. I tried to get a little more visibility this time and being on the corner of two highways seems to have done it. I am also on the only remaining corner of Route 66.

I'm going to try a little retail operation here. There seems to be a need for it. Walk in customers keep the shop busy without my regular builders I work for in Phoenix.

This display of different styles and finishes draws attention from people driving by.


The shop is pretty basic, just large enough to keep me busy.  With careful planning I will be able to do the large houses from here. I will be starting on a 28,000 square foot home next month, the same builder that had the magazine spread before. It should be exciting as it is all cherry and he wants furniture look cabinetry throughout the house.