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As I am sure you can guess, one of my hobbies is computers. We also enjoy music, gardening, reading, hiking, walking, and biking. I also enjoy studying theology, history, and politics. Judy enjoys home-making, cooking, playing the piano, cross-stitching, crocheting, stamping, and studying health and nutrition. She is also enjoying mothering. :)

I am also interested in woodworking, although at this point I haven't done anything more than browse woodworking catologs, such as Rockler's.

Here are some pictures of our 2007 gardening projects. The corn did very well, but I think this year we'll plant our rows about a week apart so that it doesn't all ripen at the same time. It was beginning to get tough by the time we finished the last of it. Unfortunately, the melons didn't do very well. We got 4 watermelons from our two plants.  Our cucumbers did very well, though.


Corn and tomatoes