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What better name for a "Computer Talk" page than Double-Glick? :) 


Operating Systems


I currently use several different operating systems (OS's) on my several different computers. The first, which is the most widely known, is Microsoft Windows XP. I have both the Professional and the Home editions. Windows XP Professional is loaded on my primary desktop computer, because I prefer the advanced features available in the Professional edition. 

I also have several versions of Linux distributions running, either on other computers or in virtual machines (using VMWare Server) on my Windows installation. My secondary desktop computer is running Ubuntu 7.10, code named Gutsy Gibbon, which was released on Thursday, October 18, 2007. New releases typically come every six months, and the version name displays the year and month. Therefore, version 7.10 means that the version was released in October (10) of 2007 (7).

Some variations of the Ubuntu distribution include Kubuntu and Xubuntu, which I have running in virtual machines. I also have Xubuntu 7.10 installed on my laptop. Judy actually does most of her transcribing for Revive Our Hearts on the Xubuntu laptop, using OpenOffice (which I mention down the page).

So what are the benefits of using Ubuntu or one of it's variations? Well, for starters, you can download Ubuntu from, totally free. That's right! Totally free. And if you don't have a high-speed internet connection or the ability to burn CDs, you can always request a free CD of  the latest version. And, it's free to copy and distribute, so make some copies for your friends! There is even a version for PowerPCs, for you MAC lovers.

Office Suites


 I primarily use two different office suites, depending on which computer I am using. On my Windows computer, I primarily use Microsoft Office 2007 Professional, the latest version of Microsoft's popular suite. (I also have Microsoft Office 2003 Professional, although I do not currently have it installed on any of my machines.) On my Ubuntu computers (and variations), I primarily use OpenOffice. OpenOffice is a complete office suite available free of charge at It runs on both Linux and Windows, so is a great alternative for those who can't afford Microsoft Office, or want to stay away from Microsoft products. (If you don't have high-speed internet, you may want to order a CD instead of waiting several hours to download the install file. You can get it for under $15 here.)







AutoIt is a full-fledged scripting language. I primarily use it for automation, such as when I am installing the same piece of software on multiple computers. AutoIt allows me to write a script that performs the installation automatically. I just start the script, and let the computer do all the work.  For more information or to download the installation files, please visit An excellent resource of information, examples, and help from the AutoIt community is available at the AutoIt forum.




UltraVNC is a remote control software. While sitting at my primary desktop computer, I can use UltraVNC to remote to and control any of the other computers on my home network. It even works cross-platform, which means that I can remote to my Linux computers as well as my Windows computer. UltraVNC is available for download here.


ClarkConnect Community Edition


ClarkConnect is a stand-alone firewall client, internet content filter, DHCP server, etc. I don't currently have it running because I messed up the configuration after I got it working, and now it won't let me get to the internet. :) I'll have to figure that out when I have more time.




e-Sword is a free Bible software, loaded with commentaries, dictionaries, study helps, and more! I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a comprehensive Bible study program, but can't afford some of the more common programs available on the market. e-Sword is available for both PC (Windows) and Pocket PC. If you don't have high-speed internet access, you can get a CD of the latest version for any donation of $15 or more.


e-Sword Home 


Tiger Direct


I don't do a lot of shopping at Tiger Direct, but I do from time to time order computer equipment from them.