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"The height of absurdity is to continue to vote for the same thing and expect a different result. "

Christian Right Just Doesn't Get It

"...all their other acts which assume to create, define, or punish crimes, other than those so enumerated in the Constitution,) are altogether void, and of no force; and that the power to create, define, and punish such other crimes is reserved, and, of right, appertains solely and exclusively to the respective States, each within its own territory." Kentucky Resolutions of 1798

Welcome to the website of Jon & Judy Glick. Here you will find periodic updates on our family. Our desire is to glorify God in all that we do, and this website is no exception. We hope that you are blessed by what you find!


Our family with Dr. Ron Paul


Are you tired of politics as usual? Of Republican candidates using Christians to get elected, then acting just like the Democrats the Christians were voting "against"? Are you looking for a Christian, Pro-Life, Pro-Homeschooling, candidate for President? One who actually believes that the Constitution is still in effect? No, it's not big-government Mike Huckabee. It's 10-term Texas Congressman and former OBGYN Dr. Ron Paul.

Some highlights of Ron Paul’s record include:

  • Ron Paul is in favor of allowing Americans to keep more of their own money by eliminating the IRS.
  • Ron Paul is well-known among his colleagues for never having voted for higher taxes or unconstitutional spending.
  • Ron Paul is a strong proponent of a secure border and against extending welfare to illegals.
  • Ron Paul supports putting doctors and patients back in charge of health care decisions. He is a staunch defender of health freedom and against government-managed medicine.
  • Ron Paul adamantly defends our 2nd amendment rights and opposes federal gun regulation.
  • Ron Paul, who has delivered more than 4,000 babies, is strongly pro-life and in favor of repealing Roe v. Wade.  Ron Paul believes that life begins at conception.
  • Ron Paul does not support a military draft, and strongly opposes going to war with Iran.
  • Ron Paul is in favor of capturing Bin Laden and believes that it is critical for the United States to have a strong national defense.
  • Ron Paul is for protecting individual rights and opposed to unnecessary violations of our privacy like the “Patriot” Act.
  • Ron Paul supports removing troops from Iraq as soon as possible and allowing Iraqis to take responsibility for their own protection.
  • Ron Paul believes that it is important to maintain our national sovereignty by opposing trade organizations like NAFTA, the UN, and the WTO.
  • Ron Paul wants to stop corporate and banking interests from controlling the U.S. economy. He supports eliminating out-of-control inflation by getting rid of the Federal Reserve.

According to a recent report from the National Taxpayers Union,


Congressman Paul’s proposals would cut government spending by over $150 billion, a conservative estimate of the spending reductions Dr. Paul has proposed.  The report concludes that the other remaining Republican candidates, Mitt Romney, John McCain and Mike Huckabee, have proposed spending increases of $19.5 billion, $6.9 billion and $54 billion respectively.


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