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What is Clubfoot ?

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What is clubfoot?

Clubfoot is a congenital deformity of the foot that occurs in about 150,000-200,000 babies each year worldwide.  Clubfoot results from the abnormal development of the muscles, tendons, and bones in the foot while the fetus is forming during pregnancy.  While researchers have been unable to pinppoint the exact cause of clubfoot, both genetic and environmental factors are thought to play a role.  Clubfoot is about twice as common in boys and occurs in both feet about 50% of the time.  Clubfoot in an otherwise normal child can be corrected using the Ponseti method of manipulation and plaster cast applications, with minimal or no surgery.  Treatment should begin in the first week or two of life in order to take advantage of the elasticity of the tissues that form the ligaments and tendons in the foot.

  "When parents are faced with this disaster of seeing a baby born with clubfeet, they get to be very depressed.When they go to the doctor and are told that their baby must have surgery, they are sad. But when they can see that this deformity is nothing, that is a very easy thing to correct and the child is normal, they have hope."  Dr Ignacio Ponseti

A million thanks to Dr. Ignacio V. Ponseti , because of  his technique, the Ponseti Method, look at  my child's feet transform from this :


  ...to this, after proper Ponseti Method of treatment....

  ....doesn't it look perfect ?


Clubfoot is easy to treat...The condition is not painful for the new born, though when a child gets to walking age, walking with uncorrected clubfoot can be very painful and difficult, if not impossible. But it is not the end of the world, there is HOPE...Yes, we are very fortunate we are now in this era where Dr. Ignacio Ponseti had mastered to correct clubfoot without any surgery...You may think that you leave far (miles away) from Iowa....still there is hope...Dr. Ponseti did train several physicians in treating clubfoot...


For those of you who learned from ultrasounds that your love one has clubfoot, take a deep breath....relax and enjoy your pregnancy.....it is not the end of the world....you have time to do research, learn, and arm yourself with knowledge....


For the new moms,  it is not yet too late. Enjoy your new bundle of joy for a couple of weeks...relax to regain your energy and have some bonding moments with your new arrival...Take Lots of photos because those cute little crooked feet will not last......