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Ahr Jhann Ynee "Yanni" is born with a Bilateral Clubfoot last Oct 01, 2007.  He is our second child.  That is the first time we heard of Clubfoot... We did our own research on what it is all about and how can it be treated.  Luckily, he is born in this era where Dr. Ponseti had done his extensive studies on Clubfoot that such things are now fixable and treatable with no surgery if possible or minor surgery if needed.  We savor the first few weeks cuddling him, taking a few pictures of him and his cute crooked feet....  Have a bonding period before we proceed to Philippine General Hospital for his clubfoot treatment.

We brought him to Philippine General Hospital when he is barely 2 weeks old. We were advised to have an X-Ray taken to ruled out any other anomalies, if there's any...  The doctor first thought it was just positional since his feet are super flexible  upwards and downwards and even sideways.....We did sort of interview the doctor on the process of treatment... until we were convinced that he is truly practicing Ponseti Method 100%..... Yanni was 3 weeks old when he first experienced the plastercast.  He is a little fussy when the first cast was put but it is just a cry of uneasiness of foreign hands manipulating his tiny legs not a cry of pain or discomfort....He managed to sleep the whole trip back home....The first night with a plaster csat was a little challenge since he can't move his legs (plaster cast were not too dry at that time and seems heavy)   But the next few days, we were surprised and amazed on how did he managed to lift his legs !!!  He got used of the plaster that when we took it off, he feels so sensitive with the touch and air.......Every day, he gains weight even with the plaster cast and smiles during his sleep...

When we tried him on the child's car seat, he looked like an astronaut ready for the flight !!! And we can not help it but took picture of what he looks like.......

 We even compare his tiny feet with other things around the house like a cellphone...

Or even his own pacifier...see how tiny he was when put into cast......?

After the serial casting, we graduated to the brace wearing phase ! ! !  Yeeheey! ! !  His feet are fully corrected and all we need to do is to keep it in correct position or shall i phrase it maintain it in a correct position........ He is doing fine with the casting and his feet look very beautiful !!! 

 He is now ready to wear the brace.......He just loves the Mitchell's Shoes and Brace ....They (Mitchell's Brace) are designed by Mr. John Mitchells, from MD Orthopaedics in Iowa, with the proper guidance or approval of Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, himself....No wonder these kids loves it and tolerate the brace wear....The first day/night, children will adjust to the brace due to its movement restriction....... We just have to show our kids on how to move their feet together by pulling the bar up and down.... Sometimes, it even harder on the parents than on the children...The babies don't know any different, for them it is just a part of life to wear the brace full time (23 hours a day and 7 days a week)...... 


Here, you can see that Yanni loves it and tolerate it very well.....he try to sleep with it......  c";?

Then as the days pass, we, parents also adjust to the brace wearing....We thought that because Yanni is too little for the brace, he will find it difficult to lift his legs....but we were amazed by the stunt that he showed us........He sleeps comfortable with his feet up in the air......

At first we thought that three months of full time brace wear is a very looooong period of time but time flies so quick....we just didn't realized that three months is over.  It is the time for Yanni's check up and the doctor finds his dorsiflexion fine and gave instruction to gradually reduce the brace wearing....He then wear the brace 20/7 for a month, then 18/7 for the next month and 16/7 for the next month.....Currently, he is supposed to wear the brace during naptime and night time...but we (me, the mother, to be specific) are very conservative that we stayed for the 16hour mark...Sometimes, he got his freetime a little long but during sleeping time, we make it sure that he get used of wearing his shoes.... 


A million thanks to Dr. Ignacio V. Ponseti , because of  his technique, my child's feet transform from this :

   this, after proper Ponseti Method of treatment, doesn't it look perfect ?

The Brace wearing did not, at any rate, hinder any of his developmental milestone... He roll over when he is five-months with his bar on or without his bar.... and is currently crawling very fast...he is pulling to stand by himself...and then maybe in the future he could be a racer like this......

Have fun and enjoy your little kids while they are still kiddos.......Time flies, kids grow so fast and we might miss these lovely moments..... Yanni is nine months at this writing but those pictures of him above are taken when he was between 0-month to 6-months....