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Yanni's  Hospitalization


May 13, 2008, Tuesday, I feel that Yanni's temperature seems not normal, a little hotter than the usual? I got his temperature and it says 37.4,  i thought maybe a slight fever but his doctor says its around normal maybe because the weather is hot that makes his body temperature hot too...

May 14, 2008, Wednesday, I can feel that Yanni is sick, maybe slight fever? Still the same temperature but at around 10pm, I can really feel that Yanni is hot, i check again the temperature and it reaches 39 degree...I gave him Tempra and constantly monitor his temperature....Then by 11pm, i checked again and to my surprise his temp is 40.2 degree, i immediately put icebag on his forehead to lower the temp..constantly wiping him with moist cloth and monitoring his temp...It was a sleepless night for us...Then we manage it to maintain the 38 degree till the next morning his temp stay at 38.3 degree and i can leave for work...maybe it is just a sign that he will have his first tooth.......


May 15, 2008, Thursday, at around 10am, i received a message that his temp is back to 40.6 degree...I rushed home and bring him to the doctor for a check up.....He is still all smiles and if you just looked at him, you won't notice that he had a high fever...The doctor first thought we came for his monthly well-visit and for vaccination. But the moment she (the doctor) touch Yanni she knew Yanni has a high fever...We were advise to have his blood check up to confirm if it is just a viral infection...We did get a blood test for Yanni and he had a low platelet count...This worries our doctor and asked us to confined Yanni even for a day to monitor his platelet count...

Upon admission in the hospital, various lab exam were taken such as urinary and  x-ray.  The most difficult part is the attaching of  IV Dextrose)... The nurse attendant first tried Yanni's right wrist but fail to find a vein.... then tried Yanni's Right foot but either due to Yanni is too fat or Yanni is too young, no vein shows... The nurse attendant doctor feels sorry for little Yanni and ask for an expert nurse in the Nursery section to attach the IV/look for the vein.... The "expert" tried Yanni's Left foot but to no luck, find nothing..... The last resort is the Left Wrist..... a nurse is holding Yanni on his Left arm and the nurse attendant is holding Yanni's leg while the "expert" is holding Yanni's Left hand and looking for a possible vein..... me, i am carrying (could have typed crying) Yanni on my Lap and holding him tight and praying... praying so hard that they find the vein and this ordeal may pass on my little man's life......... My prayers were heard and FINALLY, yes, Finally, a perfect shot.... Off we were sent to our room and my dear husband have to go home and bring some necessities like milk, diaper, clothes for our stay... Yes, we are not prepared for this.... We thought it will be just a check up and we will be prescribed with medicine and off we could go back home.... All the supply that i brought like milk were already consumed.

The following day, May 16, 2008, Friday, we are expecting to go home as previous advise of the doctor that it could be just an overnight stay in the hospital to monitor his fever...but the x-ray result confirmed what we have suspected that Yanni has pneumonia.  The doctor further advised that for a pneumonia case, they usually require the patient to be confined for 4-5 days for treatment and to be sure that patients will not return for the same cause. Yanni was given antibiotic tru his IV. Then, in the afternoon the fever rose to 38 again and we have to give him Tempra to lower the temperature.  I noticed that Yanni got some reaction on the antibiotic given, he is now having loose bowel movement. Around 6pm, i informed the nurse that Yanni is really having loose bowel movement because i have been changing his diaper for the 6th time after they administered the antibiotic. And timingly when the nurse came in, i am just about to change his diaper and the nurse looked at the diaper and confirmed that it is really a looooooose bowel  movement.....They called the doctor and informed him about the current situation.

May 17, 2008 Saturday, the doctor gave an instruction that Yanni should be given an antibiotic for his loose bowel movement. Yanni's fever is still on and off and we can see that he is really sick... he is not that active anymore...would like to be held all the time.... will sleep but for a few minutes and wake up again but still feels sleepy.... One thing that i appreciate from him is that even he is with dextrose, he still drinks milk... He still wants to drink a little milk from time to time..

May 18, 2008 Sunday, Ahremahr came and visited Yanni. This brings a smile to  Yanni seeing his sister !!! 

Seeing more familiar faces cheers him up...He loves visitors and my oh my, the intern nurses...He smiles when the intern nurses assigned to him are beautiful but if the intern nurses are males, he won't care to look at them....

May 19, 2008, Monday, we are hoping that the doctor will give us a GO SIGNAL to go home sooner...(bill is going up --- sigh---and we both can't report to work ---sigh--) But the doctor said that he still has fever and from time to time loose bowel movement... sigh .... Well, if that is the case, we have to do something....The nurses wont administer the medicine if Yanni has no fever or just a slight one....then after an hour or two, the fever will reach 38 and that is the time the nurse will give him medicine which is after the 4th hour mark....This time, every four-hours, we gave him medicine to completely get rid of the fever....

May 20, 2008, Tuesday, Yanni is improving, more active and no more fever.  YAY !!! We are hoping to get a release form from the doctor today to go home but the doctor would like to be sure and if till tomorrow, he will not have any sign of fever, he can go home.  Yanni is back to his old self now, cheerful, active, rolling over...At around 8pm, I noticed that his arm, where the dextrose is attached, seem to be swollen...I asked the nurse to look at it...The nurse is trying to remove the cover we put on top of his IV, my husband is holding Yanni and I am holding his arm assisting the nurse so that the needle will not be pulled out or break if Yanni pulls his hand. Then, suddenly, Yanni pulls his hand !!! The cover for his IV together with the needle left with the nurse who is carefully removing the plaster..... It became obvious that Yanni was able to remove the needle, luckily he did not get infected or wounded.. Well, maybe Yanni really wants to go home !!!  The nurse consulted the doctor if the IV will be attached back to consume all the dextrose....The doctor just laugh learning what Yanni did and ordered not to insert it back but just to administered the next and last antibiotic..

May 21, 2008, Wednesday, No more fever.  No more loose bowel movement..and no more IV attached.....c";?   Yanni is very active....very excited to go home (maybe...) We are just waiting for the release form from the doctor...and the hard part is the paying of bills.....  :(  The good part is that Yanni is well and kicking....  :)  Anyway, the good over weighs the hard part....Hahaha !!!

Currently, he is crawling - very fast...Yes, he is crawling with his bars on or with out his bar...He started to crawl with his bar, then a day after, mastered crawling with out his bar attached between his shoes...He is currently wearing his Foot Abduction Bar (Mitchell shoes and bar) on a-16hours per day..

He is pulling to stand by himself.......and attempting to walk...but not yet there  c";?   Will be there soon but as for now, we are enjoying while he is still a "baby" coz soon he will be walking and running fast.......that will be the next part of my story.....