Welcome to Jnanam!

Jnanam is a group of young scholars who seek to relate science and religion making them relevant to the contemporary Indian context.

It tries to spread its message of dialog, openness, tolerance and cooperation by means of:

    • Regular exchanges of ideas on scientific and religious issue.
    • Publications (books, articles, brochures).
    • Internet, website, CD and other related activities
    • Reaching out to schools, colleges, universities.
    • Making facilities and resources for science-religion dialogue available.
    • Other projects like writing, sharing of insights, exchange of creative ideas, etc.

It is located at the spacious complex of Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune, India.

We are happy to announce a new Master's Program in Science and Religion. Details

Prof Dhruv Raina, JNU, New Delhi. addressing science-religion conference at JDV, Pune

Prof Job Kozhamthadam, Founder, IISR, addressing a conference on science-religion dialogue.