Hi, just checked out Amy's fansite which is going well.  I am happy to also have somewhere to go and check someone else's site but I hope you won't forget about Defiance.  I am looking for some more material to add but as you can see we've accomplished a lot already.  Glad to hear Jan is doing well and I hope that 'annonymous' keeps us updated.
On a personal note, I'm going to be a grandma.  My daughter is having twins.  Wow !!
Yeah ! We made it to 2010.  How quickly time flies.  It wasn't long ago that we were celebrating the long awaited year 2000.  I hope Jan is doing well and perhaps gets back to acting if just a little bit.  Let me know when you hear of any news.  We shall keep plugging at it at the website again this year and tood Jan's horn if we can and just as soon as I defrost over here (-16C) I'll add some updates.  Take care.
I hope you're having good holidays and you got lots of presents.  Jackie, Amy and Lisa found this really nice  and positive article about meeting Jan as written by Steve Fenton at Zombio.com.  It's great to hear that Jan and Anna are doing well and are much more decent people than some emails or articles may want to suggest.  Thanks for this link.  Also thanks to Margaret and Darrel for the christmas cards.  http://www.zimbio.com/Jan-Michael+Vincent
It is that time of year again when the web space and domain will need to be updated.  I am switching to new host so please be patient while pages reload.  As in the past I may not do everything right the first time but will try hard to continue as we have.  http://janmichaelvincent.org/