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Team Washington Promotions, Support Structure Update, and Upcoming Opportunities

To: Team Washington

From: Danny Malamis

I’m proud to announce several promotions and additional resources we are adding to help facilitate excellence as we continue to grow the Jersey Mike’s brand in DC, Maryland, Northern, VA, Delaware and parts of West Virginia.

Kyle Yancey

has been promoted to Vice President of Franchise Operations and Development.

Kyle started his career with Team Washington on October 11, 2009, by joining our leadership development program.  He then became the General Manager of the first Team Washington store in Laurel, MD.  With the mentorship of Sean Schoonover, Kyle helped lead the Laurel store to be the biggest opening in the history of Jersey Mike’s up to that point in time… and to be ranked as the #1 store in the country many weeks. After leading the Laurel store to great success, Kyle became the General Manager of our Kentlands store, repeating the success we achieved in Laurel.  Kyle then moved into multi-unit leadership, producing results and earning the respect of franchisees and operators in the market, as well as Jersey Mike’s Franchise Systems staff.  Kyle has played a significant role in the development of every franchisee and operator in the market, as well as many franchisees around the country who were sent to Team Washington to train to become franchisees.  I always say that when Kyle walks in the room, the lights get brighter.  He has a unique way of making people feel at ease and to engage them in a way that makes them see the positive in themselves and their surroundings.

In Kyle’s new role, he will be responsible for Franchise Operational Excellence through training and accountability systems, Market Development, and he will play a role in all aspects of the franchise support system we have in place.  He will be spending face-to-face time with each franchisee at least once every month.

Later this year, I’m proud that Kyle will have the opportunity to become part owner in our operation.

Dustin Malamis 

has been promoted to Vice President of Corporate Operations and Development.

Dustin recently celebrated his 6th year with Team Washington. He started training in our leadership development program on July 6, 2009 while he was still in High School.  At the age of 18, he became the General Manager of our Frederick store.  His results in Frederick earned him the opportunity to become the General Manager of our Germantown store.  Under his leadership, the Germantown store became our #1 store in both sales and profitability.  He then stepped into a role of multi-unit leadership and produced phenomenal results, demonstrating his ability to support and lead others to success.  At a young age, he earned the respect of his team, other operators, franchisees, and he received national attention for his determination and results.  In 2012, Peter Cancro, Founder of Jersey Mike’s Franchise Systems, recognized Dustin at our National Awards Celebration with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.   Dustin has played a significant role in the development of every franchisee and operator in the market, as well as many franchisees around the country who were sent to Team Washington to train to become franchisees.  I’m proud of Dustin’s achievements and his desire to continue to learn, improve and help others do the same.  I consider him one of my closest advisors in life.

In Dustin’s new role, he will have full responsibility for our corporate operations and profitability.  He will work closely with our operators, supporting them to achieve business and life success.  His focus is to continue to build a strong foundation that will support sustained success.  Our key areas of focus are in this order… and we believe can’t be out of this order.

#1 - People (hiring, developing, and providing great opportunities for people who want to be extraordinary in life)

#2 - Operations (running exceptional operations through training and accountability)

#3 - Cost Control (effectively controlling costs)

---HOLD LINE---- We can’t move to #4 until #1, 2 & 3 are right

#4 - Marketing (inviting customers in to our restaurants through marketing)

#5 - Profitability (achieving profits… and then investing the profits in the following areas.

  1. Giving Back to our communities and people in need

  2. Reinvesting in our business and people to continue to build our vision

  3. Enjoy a good lifestyle

Later this year, I’m proud that Dustin will have the opportunity to become part owner in our operation.

Debbie LaFever 

recently joined Team Washington as our Director of Support Services.

I am incredibly pleased Debbie has joined Team Washington.  Debbie worked at Domino’s Pizza, based out of the Atlanta office for 15 years.  She served in numerous positions over her tenure with Domino’s.  Debbie and I worked together for several of those years, as she served as the Executive Assistant to the Vice President, and then Executive Assistant to the CEO during my time as CEO of the Domino’s Franchise Association.  After leaving Domino’s Pizza, she served as the Executive Assistant to the CEO of PuroClean.  When I started Team Washington, I told Debbie one of my hopes was to build the company to a level that would justify bringing someone of her talent and ability on board… with a specific goal of that person being her.  I’m so happy we are finally at that level.  She has incredible ability to organize and achieve great results.  One of her greatest strengths, in my opinion, is her kind heart and desire to serve others with excellence.  I consider Debbie to be one of my closest friends and advisors… and I’m proud she is now part of our growing company.


Cliff Brown, Cody Thornton, Chantal Gooding & Antwan Burton

have earned additional responsibility as Senior Operators.  In their role, they will continue to operate their store as well as assume responsibility for mentoring and supporting other operators to assist in the achievement of excellence.  Each of them have a proven track record of building teams, producing positive sales movement, controlling costs, and producing the profitability that continues to fuel the growth of our brand in our market.  They are pace-setters in the market, setting the example of results production for their fellow operators and franchisees.


Graham Taylor

was promoted to Store Operator & General Manager of our Germantown Operation in late 2014, and is responsible for the phenomenal results achieved in 2015.  He trained in our OIT program with a passion and focus of achieving great results… and he has done just that. Graham’s leadership is responsible for a sales increase of 12% over last year… and a profit increase of 33% over last year.  It is a joy to see the talented Team Graham has surrounded himself with.

Chris Martin

was promoted to Store Operator & General Manager of our Frederick Operation.  Chris has led sales increase this year of 7.65% over last year, and a profit increase of 5.74%.  His sales increase, if maintained (and I’m sure it will continue to improve), will lead his store back into the Million Dollar Club this year.

Rudy Rojas

was promoted to Store Operator & General Manager of our Columbia Operation. 

Rudy trained under Cliff Brown and has been a significant part of the success achieved earlier this year in Columbia.  In May of this year Dustin and Cliff promoted Rudy to Store Operator & General Manager, as Cliff was promoted to Senior Operator.  Rudy joined Team Washington as an Operator in Training after a career as a manager for Chick Fil-A.  He brings a new level of excellence and results with him, and has produced great results, with the mentoring of Cliff.  He poses a real threat to Cody maintaining the #1 spot on the ranking, and it’s fun to see their competitive spirit kicking in as the friendly competition escalates.  Rudy and Cliff have achieved a 7.6% sales increase over the same period of time last year, and a whopping 36% increase in profits.

Bria Nichols

was promoted to Store Operator & General Manager of our Laurel Operation.

Bria trained under Chantal Gooding and was promoted in May of this year when Chantal was promoted to Senior Operator.  Bria and Chantal have developed a phenomenal team in the Laurel store.  It is a true joy to visit their operation and see the lives that are being positively influenced by their leadership.  I’m excited for Bria’s opportunity and her incredible desire to continue to learn, grow, and help others do the same.


Connell Cuffie recently announced his departure from Team Washington to pursue work that aligns with his life-goals.  We are grateful for his service to the company and wish him great success and happiness in his future endeavors.   We will soon be opening interviews to fill the roles Connell’s served in… specifically, Store Evaluations, Manager Certifications, and New Store Opening Support.  If you know of someone with the experience, passion and talent to fill this important role, please contact Kyle Yancey at 301-943-9660.  

Soon we will be adding a Corporate Training and Development Support Position

This position will focus on attracting and developing great people into our leadership development program, and will enable us to continue strong store growth in Team Washington.  That strong store growth will help us achieve our goal of providing great life-changing opportunities for extraordinary people.  Another key focus of this position will be to continue our pursuit of excellent operations.  By adding this critical position, we believe it will enable us to continue our pace setting results, not only in our market, but throughout the world for Jersey Mike’s Subs.  If you know of someone with the experience, passion and talent to fill this important role, please contact Dustin Malamis at 240-727-6056.


It is so exciting for me to see the vision we had for Team Washington six short years ago becoming reality… and so alive and strong.  I am so proud of those we have recently been able to promote, and I consider myself one of the most fortunate people in the world, because I get to work beside such extraordinary, talented, and committed leaders.  

With sincere gratitude and excitement for the future!



Team Washington Culture




Cody Thornton, Cristian Cruz & Chris Martin 
Win Team Washington G-13 Competition - $14,000.00 Reward

They sliced.  They sprinkled, and they wrapped. Thirty stores had the opportunity to compete to win $12,000. in the second annual Team Washington Giant 13 Safety, Quality & Speed Competition.  The top ten qualifying stores earned a spot to compete for the grand prize on August 23, 2014.  The competition was held in Gaithersburg, MD.  

The day began with some light banter and a heartfelt message from Team Washington owner, Danny Malamis.  In it, he stated the importance of promoting the right culture in each and every store.  Team Washington core value #1 states to, “have a positive influence on the lives of others.”  A motto, that team members in the company believe, is a foundation for employee and customer satisfaction. 

When the action began, it was the team from Germantown, MD, led by Darren D'Costa, who would draw the first bid.  Their efforts however would lead to a disqualification; due to weight.  Greenbelt, MD, led by Charles Golden, would follow with similar results.  The third team to join the fray, Frederick, MD, led by Kevin Jordan, would post the first positive time of 1:28.10.  A good time, but would it stand?!

Teams Purceville, VA, led by Sean Puskas, and Salisbury, MD, led by Andrew Jobes, gave it their all and presented the crowd with times of 1:47.61 and 1:30.91; respectively.  Close times, but Frederick held firm.  Team Laurel, MD, led by Chantal Gooding, would be next, and with a graceful showing of efficiency and speed, posted a time of 1:16.31.  To the dismay of Chantal, they would join in the fates of Germantown and Greenbelt; a disqualification due to weight. 

The seventh draw in the contest, Team Hagerstown, MD, led by Darrell Briscoe, showed solid presence.  They, however, only posted a time of 1:48.10; still not enough to unseat Frederick.  Columbia, led by Cliff Brown, which was the first of the top three pre-qualifying teams, entered the contest with the most momentum, but also joined the pool of disqualified contestants. 

This would leave only two teams with the chance to upset Team Frederick; Team Rhode Island Row, DC, led by Sean Schoonover, and Team Kentlands, MD, led by Cody Thornton.  In the world of competitive sandwich making, Team Rhode Island Row would be equated to the Russian hockey team of 1980.  Their unrivaled attention to detail and machine-like precision made them a sure fire bet to take the competition.  As expected, they posted a jaw-dropping time of 1:11.67 which was more than 17 seconds better than Frederick.  Just like some of their predecessors, they too would succumb to a disqualification which stemmed from an illegal weight. 

Last, but certainly not overlooked, was the team from Kentlands, led by operator Cody Thornton.  Team Kentlands sliced, sprinkled and wrapped their way to the top by posting a blazing time of 1:19.05 and secured their place as this year’s Giant 13 Safety, Quality & Speed Competition champions. It was interesting to hear Cody, the fastest and most effective operator in Team Washington (based on consistent extraordinary results), coach his team as they crossed the finish line to slow down and focus on the details.  'Slow down' said the extraordinary operator, who is known for being incredibly fast.

As a sign of victory, Cody Thornton, Chris Martin, and Cristian Cruz were presented with a trophy and a check for $14,000.  Because Cody has proven to be one of the best operators in Team Washington, Danny decided to award an extra $2,000.  Congratulations to Team Kentlands, and all of the other competitors.  Cody & his team decided to donate $6,000. of the prize money, earmarked for a charity of their choice, to the National Down Syndrome Society. Their hard work and perseverance was readily on display as they worked to sharpen each other's skills in the spirit of healthy competition.  We look forward to seeing who will take the prize in 2015.  

We will be focused on the spirit of this competition throughout the year in each of our stores, and encourage each operator to embrace and lead this effort in each store on a daily basis.  There is a direct correlation between those who passionately focus on the ideals of this competition and the performance of their stores.  Those who focus on Safety, Quality & Speed on a daily basis are rewarded with more engaged team members, happier customers, higher sales, higher profits, higher bonus checks... and the ability to have more positive influence on the lives of others.

Story contributed by... 

Connell Cuffie - Team Washington


G-13 Competition Announcement
$12,000 Reward!

Shawn Thornton - G-13 Challenge


Danny Malamis, Dustin Malamis, Judaiah Jordan, KEVIN JORDAN, Ebony Jordan, Neriah Jordan & Daniel Malamis
Kevin Jordan - Promoted to lead Frederick Operations

Theodore Roosevelt once stated, “Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” Few people exemplify this belief more than Kevin Jordan. As the newest member of our operating team, he has consistently shown the dedication and resolve, necessary, to lead our team in Frederick.

Kevin credits Danny Malamis as a source of guidance and mentorship through his maturation process. Even before he joined Team Washington in June of 2011, Danny bestowed upon him the wisdom to build a solid foundation for his future. It is upon that foundation that Kevin is building a livelihood for his wife and their children. 

Congratulations Kevin! May you continue to find worth in your future endeavors with us; as we continue to be a hand of support.



December 3, 2013


November 26, 2013

Tonight, our leadership was asked the following question.  

Below you will find The Thought... followed by The Question... Followed by The Answers each Leadership Member provided.

The Thought...
1. Study champions. 
2. Develop the ongoing discipline and consistency of champions. 
3. Inspire others to be champions. 
The Result: We will be Champions!

The Question...
What are the characteristics of Champions that make them Champions?

The Answers...
Connell Cuffie:
 Positive thinking i.e. faith

Danny Malamis: Extraordinary people (Champions) have the consistent habit of doing things average people are not willing to do. 
Focus, Discipline & Intentionality!

Charles Golden: Champions are made when nobody is watching. You work harder because it's the right thing to do to get you better everyday. Harder, faster, consistently with extreme persistence. So the work is for no one else... do it for you. Example when I was wrestling in college I always would go get an extra work out in evening when my weight was good etc. In my mind, when I was running 4 to 5 miles, I would repeat in my mind... have all the guts... receive the glory... but I never told anyone I was getting the extra work because it gave me the mental edge

Antwan Burton: Champions are people who are self motivated, with a drive and a confidence that nothing can stop them

Cliff Brown: They have the thought process of "whatever it takes "

Kyle Yancey: Teamwork wins championships! It's all about the team baby!

Dustin Malamis: Being extraordinary and standing out at what you do. You achieve this by having an intense passion and ability to strive for excellence

Cody Thornton: Taking responsibility for their results... consistent, intentional, staying positive.

Keonta Wallace: They are persistent, self motivated, passionate, flexible, and they inspire others around them to be the same

Darren D'Costa: Champions push the limits of what they do. Having the discipline and patience to refine their craft beyond what the average person would exert...champions go hard then come home and sleep to be able to do it again the next day.


October 31, 2013

Antwan Burton - Promoted to Store Operator

Of the many positive attributes that make up a leader, passion and determination are heralded as two of the greatest.  Few people, if any, acknowledge reliability and humility as predominant characteristics of mature leadership.  At Jersey Mike’s Team Washington the latter are what we seek for our Store Operators.  Antwan Burton is someone whom we believe possesses these traits.  Because of this, we are proud to announce his promotion to Store Operator for our newly acquired Bowie location. 

As a single father of one (Antwan Jr.), and the youngest of three, Antwan was raised in the heart of the District with a head for hard work and a heart for excellence.  And with over eighteen (18) years of food service under his belt, he is very qualified to lead the young men and women of Jersey Mike’s Bowie. 

Antwan joined our team in March of 2013 as an original member of the Greenbelt location because he noticed the family-like atmosphere and bought into our culture.  In only a matter of seven months, through rigorous training and a keen eye for details, he has ascended the ranks; his reward being an operation of his own.  Please join us in celebrating his promotion and continuing our efforts to support him as he pursues excellence in his new position.  Go get ‘em Antwan!


October 1, 2013


September 4, 2013

Please join me in celebrating the success and positive movement of the following extraordinary leaders.

1. Keonta Wallace
Keonta has been promoted to lead our Laurel operations as General Manager. Keonta started in our management development program 10 months ago and has demonstrated excellent leadership qualities and the ability to get results. I'm proud to announce Keonta's promotion to lead the operations of the first store we opened in Team Washington... this store has a special place in all of our hearts... and we are entrusting the leadership of this important store to the able hands of Keonta.

2. Cliff Brown
Cliff has earned the important opportunity of leading the Bowie store as General Manager, which we are acquiring from Spencer Bryant. I want to thank Spencer for his service to the company over the last year of operating the Bowie store. We are excited about the opportunity Spencer has given us to acquire the Bowie store and look forward to fantastic results as Cliff leads this store into the future.

3. MIT's on the move
Please join me in congratulating Antwan Burton, Kevin Jordan, Chantal Gooding, Chris Witt, Conor O'Reilly and Geoff Tilghman on being promoted to Level 3 MIT's. One more stage and they will each be fully certified for a store of their own.



August 6, 2013
Being Intentional with your 168 Hours


June 5, 2013
We are on a constant pursuit to become extraordinary at what we do in business and in life.  Below you will find a picture of eight of the most recent graduates of Pals Business Excellence Institute in Tennessee.  
All future management team members of Team Washington will 
have this investment made in their life... and we believe it will be a 
significant part of helping them pursue and achieve excellence.

May 30, 2013
Please take time to view the video highlighting the 
promotions of 3 phenomenal people.
Cody Thornton - Dustin Malamis - Kyle Yancey


May 18, 2013   -   Cody Thornton
Be great at the basic things... and your chance of 
being great at the big things will be much greater.  
It's all about the right mental attitude... and 
how you approach everything you do in life!


To: All Jersey Mike's Team Members
Please click on the address book below and fill out your current contact information.
Thanks so much... Danny


I received this in a message this week from Eric Slaughter (Manager in Training-Greenbelt).  I asked his permission to share it with you.  I was so moved and motivated by what he wrote that I am framing a copy of Eric's mission statement and putting it on my office wall to remind me of the priorities I should be focused on in my life and my business.  
Eric, I'm grateful you shared this with me and allowed me to share it with our Team.


Quick idea shared by Alex Smith to help you retain & 
implement more of the great things you learn in life.


Day of Giving Results
On Wednesday, March 27th, the 18 restaurants in Team Washington gave 
away over $40,000. in subs, in an effort to raise money for local charities. 
This was the biggest Day of Giving we have had to date, and we are
proud of all those who gave of themselves to benefit others.
"It is more blessed to give than to receive"
Acts 20:35


Happy Easter
Thanks to Connell Cuffie for making this JMTW Egg

Maryland Cheerleaders gave us a nice welcome
in our new store - Greenbelt, MD

Opening Day Lines in Greenbelt, MD


Kyle and I would like to invite you to join us in congratulating the following three leadership promotions!!

Greg Mazzuca has been promoted to lead our new operation in Greenbelt, MD.  Greg started with us just prior to opening our first Team Washington store.  He has been an incredibly loyal and effective leader in Team Washington.  We're very proud of Greg and his accomplishments.

Cliff Brown has been promoted to lead our Laurel operation.  Laurel was Team Washington's first store, so having trust placed in you to run this important store, in our history, is a great compliment.  Cliff successfully managed the Frederick store for the last year and is now taking on the challenge of taking Laurel to the next level.  His arm is a little tired today after his first week in Laurel... as we all know, the Laurel store has the most intense lunch rushes in Team Washington.

Julio Ventura has been promoted to lead our Frederick operation.  Julio started with us when we opened the Germantown store, almost three years ago.  His passion for Jersey Mike's and passion for life is contagious.  I hate to play favorites, but with Julio's ability to get results, and the fact that every-time I see him, I leave feeling happier (just like our customers do), he is up at the top of the list of people I like to spend time with 

Darren D'Costa
Promoted to Germantown General Manager

left to right:  Dustin Malamis - Darren D'Costa - Kyle Yancey
We are proud to announce the promotion of Darren D'Costa to GM of the Germantown store. Darren has been a significant part of Team Washington for several years... investing his efforts in several different stores, and gaining incredible knowledge along the way. We are proud of Darren's accomplishments and look forward to him playing an increased significant role in the leadership of Team Washington.

Dustin Malamis will be moving from his position of GM in Germantown to become the GM of the Kentlands store. We are grateful and proud of the incredible results Dustin and his team have been able to accomplish in Germantown... setting a very high pace and level of expectation for all of our stores. We are looking forward to Dustin's leadership and high energy level entering our Kentlands store... and believe he and his team will elevate the Kentlands store to even higher levels of excellence.

Wreaths Across America


Public Affairs Conference - Capitol HillReed Kaczmarek
First recipient of Team Washington's Core Value #5  $5,000 scholarship for excellence award. 

Reed is 17 years old and will be attending University of MD. He has been an exceptional team member in our Kentlands store. We are very proud of him and know he will be  phenomenally successful at anything he chooses to do. If we're lucky, he will return and work toward becoming a great Jersey Mike's leader... and help us achieve Core Value #1 of having positive influence on the lives of others.