#13 Safety, Speed and Quality Competition

Giant #13, Mike’s Way cut in 1/4’s, wrapped, and put in to a sub bag, and sub bag marked.

Contestants will be judged on building the perfect sub to the correct weight as fast as they can, following proper procedures. Slicers will be able to choose either a left to right, or a right to left line.

Start to Finish Rules and Regulations:

All competitors must be certified slicers, fully understanding and adhering to safety compliance while using the slicer at all times, including while participating in this competition.

Priorities should always be in this order...
#1 Safety
#2 Quality
#3 Speed

Gloves and Apron must be worn along with full proper uniform.

1. At start, slicer blade must be closed, meat case door shut, and nothing in the hands of the slicer.

2. The slicer may not touch the knife until the judges start the time.

3. Bread must be cut equal... top to bottom

a. Judge will yell “re-do” after measuring bread if needed.

4. Slicer may not move on to next part of sub making if mistake has not been corrected.

5. The correct technique must be used for meats and cheeses.
        a. Round Meats and cheeses- Catch, Flip

        b. Square Meats- Catch, Flower, Flip

        c. Slicer will not be able to continue if Proper Distribution, Flower, and Technique is not demonstrated.

        d. Judges will tell slicer what part of the sub needs to be corrected before contestant can move on.

6. Slice count is not as important as weight of the sub
        a. If a noticeable thickness issue and/or slice count issue is at hand, it will be left on to the judge to correct.

        b. Subs will have to have a minimum of the required slice count for each meat and cheese-Minimum:
            i. Prov-5

            ii. Ham-5

            iii. Pres-5

            iv. Cap-5

            v. Salami-6

            vi. Pepperoni-8

7. In between slicing meat products, meatcase door must be shut

8. No meat will be stacked on top of each other

9. Only one food product out of the meat case at a time

10. After slicing final pepperoni slice, pepperoni must be put back in the meat case, meat case door shut, and slicer must be closed


1. Sub must be placed on Sprinkling board

2. Correct Sprinkling technique must be followed:
        a. Onions: Start at end nearest the customer

        b. Lettuce: Level across the sub

        c. Tomato: 5 Level across the lettuce (no “falling” tomatoes at the ends)

        d. Vinegar: 2 lines

        e. Oil: 3 lines

        f. Oregano: 2 lines

        g. Salt: 1 line

3. Vin, Oil, Oregano, Salt must be transferred left hand in to right.

4. Judges will be correcting accordingly if not properly following procedure or if not enough product or if sub building needs improvement.

5. Lid must be placed on the sub while on sprinkling board


1. Transfer from sprinkling board to paper by holding ends properly

2. Must follow proper wrapping procedures

3. Cut in ¼’s

4. No open ends

5. No wings

6. If cut through paper- must be re-wrapped

7. Knife must be placed back at the sub bags

8. Must have a bit of flare

9. Have crease in Sub bag above “about us”

10. Must mark the bag with '13'

Times Stops after crease roll!

Weight (1.99lbs)
1. Seconds start to get added on .02 above or .02 below 1.99lb- 1 second for each.

2. Disqualified if more than 2.09lb or below 1.90lb

Time Penalties (1 second for each)


1. Meat case door not shut

2. Guard not used

3. Drop of meats or cheese

1. Improper hand transfer of vin, oil, oregano, salt
        a. 1 second for each

2. Not starting end nearest the customer for and of the Mike’s Way ingredients
        a. 1 second for each ingredient

3. “Machine Gun” technique
        a. 1 second for each bottle

4. Remake if more lines of vin or oil is sprinkled on the sub or if a noticeably too much of either one.

1. No Flare

2. Knife Placement

3. Improper transfer from sprinkling board to paper

4. Improper Cutting technique (all five must be over the knife) (2 Sec penalty)

Final Look at Sub
1. Sub will be unwrapped and judged on visual appearance. If the sub is not a product we would be proud to sell, the contestant will be disqualified.

2. Equal cuts - No family cuts! (2 Sec penalty)