About us ...

Mr. J. Gordon Quigley was the first Principal  of John McGregor Secondary School.  He served the school until 1972.  Mr.  Quigley presided over the development of JMSS from a junior high school in 1957,  through two additions, to a fully composite high school in 1965.  His constant encouragement that we "aim to excel" set the high standards in education that make our students and alumni successful contributing members of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and beyond. 
Mr. Quigley made such a significant impact on JMSS that students and faculty proposed that the school be renamed after him.  This suggestion was declined by the then Kent County Board of Education (now the Lambton Kent District School Board) as the school already bore the name of John McGregor, a notable figure in our local history including particapation in the War of 1812 (see http://www.biographi.ca/009004-119.01-e.php?&id_nbr=3016).
The reconstruction of the school library provided a new opportunity for Mr. Quigley's achievements in education to be recognized.  A new library for JMSS was first proposed in 1979.  Four more proposals and 20 years later, construction of the new facility began in 1999.  The grand re-opening of the J.G. Quigley Library was celebrated on May 31, 2000. 

Mrs. Laporte  continues the long tradition of welcoming Panthers to the Library to engage in learning, literacy and leisure activities.