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Curriculum Vita

It is my goal to continue to serve the professional community as editor of ETR&D and other journals and academic publications in the area of educational technology and as a leader in AECT and other professional associations. I wish to increase the level of scholarship and pursue further internationalization. I am currently working with the University of Malaya, the University of Hong Kong, East China Normal University, and Beijing Normal University, and I have worked extensively with Universitas Terbuka in Indonesia. With regard to research, I intend to continue to pursue methods and technologies to assess learning in complex domains. My core competencies include assessing learning and performance in complex task domains, automated support for instructional design, epistemology in learning and instruction, open and distance learning, system dynamics in education and training, and technology integration in learning, instruction and performance systems. My recent publications include the Encyclopedia of Educational Technology and the second edition of Foundations of Educational Technology: Integrative Approaches and Interdisciplinary Perspectives. My passion is to use technologies effectively to promote understanding and critical reasoning skills in a variety of complex problem-solving domains.

Jonathan Michael Spector,
Nov 28, 2018, 7:55 AM