About Me

Mission Statement

My Vision aims to provide healthy, safe learning environments that ensure success and provide extensive opportunity to achieve, manage, and grasp command if essential life skills for expressive confident self-efficacy and self-worth. Paths for success align university and career readiness standards and high school grade-specific standards. Alignment offers a Healthy Model that defines expectations and offers specificity where individuals compare and evaluate the effect of different mediums on the structural model. Conceptual Understanding is demonstrated through the creation of imaginative, interpretive and analytical responses and is designed to develop students’ facility with all types of mediums and modes to foster an appreciation of the value of lifelong learning.

Foundational Principles

With refined skills and contemporary engagement of the world, and critical and creative engagement, Educators hone learners' oral communication skills through discussion, debate and argument, in a range of formal and informal situations. Students develop an understanding of stylistic features and apply skills of analysis and creativity. They are able to respond to life’s obstacles in a variety of ways, creating their own standards and reflecting on their own learning. Pursuit of educational and vocational goals combines the growth mindset with an increased amount of student grit, harvested to generate overall student “H.E.A.L.T.H”.  The health of students is adapted from the 5E’s to Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate how the educators suggest outcomes for the 5’E.s When the 5E’s are used correctly, the lesson and learning for skills and knowledge then becomes holistic. It is scaffolded and constantly changing, with morphed approaches and presentations through varying mediums, technologies, and practicums. Once a teaching approach and concept is holistic, the students will use their own personal growth and understanding to generate healthy lifestyle transitions. When all 5 of these characteristics are met, “Yen” is achieved.