From The Office

March 2, 2018

Think Pink!

So where did February go? Here we are into March and in just three weeks we’ll welcome spring!

 It’s been a great month here at J.M. Olds with lots of learning, lots of fun. Motors stripped down, frames made for rug hooking, and two prams (boats) framed out in the shop. Students met with Mrs. Compton, public health nurse, for insight into positive mental health at a recent Wellness Cafe. Rock the Gate brought students to the stage from three local schools – awesome day!! incredible talent!!  Students coach students in sports teams and tryouts, and the drama troupe is gearing up for next week’s Festival. Report cards have been released and parent-teacher interviews were well attended on the 14th. Academics are always front row center and overall results proved this true. Local Lions visited the school on February 12th  - their support of our school is tremendous – and by way of thanks, students of our Clothing and Textiles class asked them to share soup, sandwiches and yummy desserts. Our Breakfast Program Parents Committee has met and plans for the annual auction are well underway. Parents of grade twelve students are also busy planning for graduation and fundraising for the event is already complete. Students stepped up to the plate, as always, for Janeway Day, Foster Child Friday and Pink Shirt Day. Students, with a focus on kindness, left inspiring notes everywhere and pink cupcakes and lemonade reminded us to focus on the good! I think we’re up to the challenge!

 Have a great weekend.


January 15, 2018

Social Media Safety and Digitial Citizenship Expectations

"The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District recognizes our students are facing increasing challenges and pressures from social media and the Internet. While we are aware there are many positives associated with these technologies, we also acknowledge that at times they may be used inappropriately. Great strides in educating our students about internet and social media safety have been made in recent years, but we believe we can and should do even more. Our Internet and Social Media Safety (ISMS) Program continues to provide our students with important information and instruction on the use of such communications mediums, playing a key role in helping young learners make good decisions in real life and online.

Each member of our community has a role to play in helping our young people understand the consequences of questionable online behaviour and a responsibility to model good behaviour in our electronic activities. The District encourages you to explore the resources below and learn more about how we can all be good digital citizens."

Earlier in the school year parents received a letter outlining the digital citizenship lessons teachers were sharing with students. 

In Grades 7 to 9, Ms Mills covered the following topics:
    - protecting your online reputation
    - inappropriate online behavior / cyberbullying
    - managing your online privacy and reputation 
     - making good choices about sharing other people's online content

In Levels I to III, Ms. Singleton covered these topics:
    - protecting your online reputation
    - de-escalating cyberbullying and online cruelty
    - relationships and sexuality in the media

Parents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the District's Social Media Use policy and a Student Terms and Conditions of Use as well as the Acceptable Use of Technology policy and its associated agreement. All these resources are available on the District's website - .


November 28, 2017

Each year we are required to complete the Annual School Development Report. The primary purpose of the report is to give an update on the current School Development Plan and to use the information therein to give direction to the upcoming school year. We've provided a copy here for parents and community.

ASDR 2017

November 27, 2017

Where did last week go I wonder? Seems we are fast forward into the Christmas Season and before you can get caught up with the events of this week, next week is already here.

In addition to regular classes and curriculum, all JMOC students attended a session on mental wellness presented by Jeremy Bennett.  Junior high students were introduced to yoga with local instructor, Jayshree Subramanian, taking a lead role in their PE class. Ms. Power, our Guidance Counselor, had both an afternoon session for students and an evening session for parents of students considering post-secondary studies at MUN.

This morning, Grades 7, 8, and 9 students skated at the arena during their PE class and tonight Minor Hockey is hosting its annual fundraiser, the silent auction, in our gym. 

And it's only Monday yet!

November 23, 2017

It's been another busy week at J.M. Olds and a presentation on mental wellness and good health was certainly a timely topic. Thank you to New World Island Academy, Remembering Robbie and Twillingate Recreation for partnering with us to bring this presentation to our students. 

November 9, 2017

Students and staff again this year pulled together a lovely Remembrance Day Assembly. I am always so very proud of our students on occasions such as these. They are more than capable of running the entire show - and they pretty much do. Their talents are many:  singing, speaking, sound system and instrumental. They do it all with confidence and expertise.

Because we cut into their recess for this morning's ceremony, we gave them a little extra time at lunch.

Didn't matter for these guys. Anxious to get back to work, I found them in class early, already at work.  Somehow, don't think this is the first engine they've stripped down!

November 6, 2017

Just heard some cheering coming from a classroom down the hall. It would seem that Ms. Mouland is in the school. She''s been off sick but returning to work tomorrow. Thank you to Mr. Lambert who has filled in and kept the students on track the past three weeks. It is not always easy to find a substitute teacher with senior high Math.

Our Remembrance Day Assembly will take place on Thursday morning at 11:15 a.m.   Mrs. Sharon Troake and Mrs. Brenda Smart have created some beautiful and thoughtful vignettes here at the school. Please come along and join us as we pay respect to the men and women who serve.

November 2, 2017

Thank you to our Student Council for their efforts in organizing Spirit Week. We've seen wonderful participation. We were asked to wear an item of school clothing today and so many students and staff are sporting the school colors. (Tomorrow, by the way, is the last day for our 2017-18 school clothing order and there's quite a nice selection to choose from: hats, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, jackets and wind suits.)

I believe we are to wear a white t-shirt tomorrow and bring along markers for 'signing'. Should be fun!

Leftover from our Tour of Terror are three rather large 'ghouls' created and constructed by Ms. Bath and her students. We are selling these at $25 each and if you are at all interested, give Jackie a call at the office: 884-5931

October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween from all of us here at J.M. Olds.  Another busy day for students. We started our day with fun Halloween treats at the breakfast program: fruit cups -  orange for pumpkins and green for Frankenstein. We are always looking for volunteers to help out with our Breakfast program and if you are at all interested, please call the school at 884-5931 and ask for Mrs. BJ Greenham.  In addition to regular curriculum, we've enjoyed a presentation from MADD Canada today. Very powerful presentation and well received by students. Students have been asked to complete a survey and you'll find that link on our main page. We will end our day with a fifteen minute showing of 'costumes' in the gym. Can't wait! Never know what I'll see when I step outside the office door.

Have fun tonight. It was plus fifteen at noon so hopefully the trick-or-treaters will have a comfortable, safe, and happy evening going door to door.



Ms. Link

October 27, 2017

Friday already! Where does the week go?

I think the students had a great time at the dance last night. The Student Council did an awesome job of decorating, providing munchies, and cleaning up after the event was over. So nice when you have such great kids to work with. There were some pretty cool costumes there, but I think my favorite was the Zipper Face.

We decided today to host a Christmas Craft Fair here at the school. Krista McCreary has been doing this for the past few years but is not taking it on this year. So we've decided it would make a great school fundraiser and are renting tables for $10 for Saturday, November 27th. If you know of any craftspeople who might be interested, or anyone selling brand products they'd like to showcase, please pass this along. We'd like to confirm tables by next Friday, November 3rd. Contact Jackie here at the school at 884-5931 and she'll fill you in.

We'll also be having Pictures with Santa (donations accepted, and this money we plan on gifting to the Women's Shelter in Gander).

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Link

October 26, 2017

A busy day yesterday AND a busy night. I did the super scary Tour of Terror last night and it WAS scary! Sooooo scary!  A lot of effort put into that. The Drama Club did a fabulous job. I think they pushed through anywhere from two to three hundred visitors. And wow - just a little more excitement than anyone had anticipated: The fog machine set off the fire alarms and in no time, the fire trucks were on site. Ms. Singleton told me she was a little embarrassed but who would have ever expected that to happen? On the plus side, the fire trucks were were here almost before anyone knew what was happening. That's pretty reassuring. A big thank you to the Twillingate Volunteer Fire Department on behalf of everyone here at JMOC. 

Today, it's business as normal. An early walk through the school found the Grade 7 students busy in the gym doing a fitness test: stretching, jumping, sit-ups and more. The Grade 8 Music class is in the hall, everyone busy tapping out a rhythm with their drumsticks. Grade 9 students are working on a Halloween art project in English class and World Geo and Biology students are busy taking notes. Level I students are practicing their French and CDLI students are online and intent on their lessons. 

Tonight the Student Council is hosting our annual Halloween dance. Should be lots of fun!

Today is a repeat of yesterday, weather-wise, so get out there and enjoy that beautiful sunshine while it lasts.

Have a great one!

Ms Link

October 25th

Very busy here at JMOC today. One lovely perk about working from the office is that we get invited to all the events and activities. Can't always participate, unfortunately, but it is nice to be invited.

Some days are pretty quiet - today is not one of them. Mr. Earle and his class are celebrating Mole Day with Mole Cookies - yum! - and a fun-filled class of games and activities. Ms. Blackler had a guest speaker in from Academy Canada. Ms. Singleton is creeping us all out with the scary props that are showing up all over the school. Be sure to drop by the school for the Tour of Terror tonight! And with a temperature of plus sixteen on October 25th, why would you NOT take your guitar class outside on the front lawn? And your Healthy Living class. And your English class ....

Yes, the office is a great place to be. Ashanti Sharpe just delivered a pair of pants to Ms. Mills. Ashanti is in Ms. Bath's Clothing and Textiles course and they are learning how to hem this week. Hope to have my skirt delivered tomorrow!

Enjoy the day.

Ms. Link