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Tigers are Provincial Champs!

Our lady Tigers went undefeated at the AA Softball Provincials in La Scie over the past weekend, including a thrilling one run walk-off victory in the final! Congratulations to all the girls and their dedicated coaches. Go Tigers Go!

Local lawyer visits Grade 8 Social Studies Class to discuss Internet Safety

Michael Peddle spoke to our Grade 8 Technology class earlier this week a
bout Internet Safety and the importance of being critical thinkers when using social media sites such as Facebook and SnapChat. There are companies, he informed them, who often sell pictures they find online without the consent of the individuals involved. Be cautious about what you put online, he warned. It is there forever.

Terry Fox Run / Healthy Commotions

On Friday, September 22nd, students at J.M. Olds Collegiate will participate in our annual Terry Fox Run and Healthy Commotions Day. Our morning will be devoted to fun and healthy activities and after lunch students will be bused to Hospital Pond where we can safely complete the walk. Parents and members of the community are invited to join us. Unfortunately, we are late getting out our pledge sheets but if every student brings in just a toonie from home, that will be a significant school donation. Whatever funds we raise it's that much more for cancer research than it was yesterday, and every dollar counts!

Congratulations to Olivia Rogers, recipient of The Johnson Horizon Program Award

Congratulations to Level I student, Olivia Rogers, on being awarded The Johnson Horizons Program Award for the 2016-17 school year.

The Johnson Horizon Program rewards engaged student leaders with leadership learning opportunities and is sponsored by Johnson Inc. in partnership with Memorial University.

Each school in the province is eligible to nominate one Grade 9 student per year and from these nominations, fifty candidates are chosen. The HORIZONS winners receive a total of $ 1,200 and are welcomed into a leadership development program that engages them throughout high school and prepares them for success as students at Memorial University.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart

Canadian Tire Jumpstart is a program that supports the involvement of children in active living. If you need a little financial help in getting your children involved in sports, Jumpstart can help.

Sharon Price of CYN, Isles of Notre Dame, is the contact person in our area. Please see brochure below for details.

School Council

J.M. Olds Collegiate is accepting nominations for School Council until September 29th. Any parent or community member interested in serving on Council, please contact the school at 884-5931 for a nomination form. We are looking for two parents and one member of the community
 to replace members who have completed their term. 

Thank you to Vanessa Dove, Pauline Hynes and Linda Smit

We are also looking for student representation on Council. If you are a Level I or Level II student and are interested in being the voice for your peers, please check at the office for further information.

Thank you to graduates, Rachel Dove and Macy Cooper, who have moved on to post secondary studies.


Congratulations to our students and to our teaching staff on their performance in the June public exams. Our students missed significant time due to school closures last year, yet with intensive teacher tutoring 
after school, in the evenings, and on weekends, they were able to recover time lost and address all curriculum outcomes.

World Geography 3202

School combined mark average - 78
Provincial combined mark average - 70

Math 3201

School combined mark average - 81
Provincial combined mark average - 65

Biology 3201

School combined mark average - 73
Provincial combined mark average - 68

Chemistry 3202

School combined mark average - 77
Provincial combined mark average - 74

English 3201

School combined mark average - 71
Provincial combined mark average - 71
Congratulations all on a job very well done!

Final Exam Schedule 2017
Good luck to all students as you prepare for your exams!

Congratulations to our Regional Heritage Fair Winners
May 15, 2017

Sam Stuckless, Grade 7 - Winner of "Talk with our Kids about Money" award, sponsored by The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education. Sam received a certificate and fifty dollars.

Jasmine and Jenna Blake, Grades 8 and 9 - Winner of Healthcare award, sponsored by the Canadian Cancer Society NL Division. Jasmine and Jenna received a certificate and fifty dollars.

Jasmine Ings, Grade 9 - Winner of the Wooden Boat Heritage award sponsored by the Wooden Boat Museum of Newfoundland. Jasmine received a certificate, fifty dollars, and the opportunity to attend and display her project at the Wooden Boat Building conference being held in Winterton, Newfoundland this fall.

Also represenitng J.M. Olds at the fair was Brandon Dove and Joshua Ings from Grade 7.

All students received participation medals in addition to their individual awards.

Well done!

Police Week
May 17, 2017

RCMP welcome J.M. Olds Collegiate students to their newly opened facility in Twillingate. 



Calculus Placement Test Help Sessions
May 18, 2017

The Calculus Placement Test (CPT) will be written on Saturday, June 3, 2017. To help Math 3208 students prepare for it, CDLI online tutoring is offering 4 sessions in the Math 10-12 Tutor room:
        Thursday, May 25 @ 7 - 8 p.m.
        Monday, May 29 @ 7 - 8 p.m.
        Wednesday, May 31 @ 7 - 8 p.m.
        Thursday, June 1 @ 7 - 8 p.m.

These sessions are free and are open to all Math 3208 students in the province. Each session will cover different topics. Tutors will help students work through sample CPT exams. There will be three tutors available to help. Students are welcome to stay on after the session to continue to work with tutors.

In addition, students can also log on any evening for tutoring help with CPT or a variety of other areas. Math tutors are available Monday - Thursday from 3 - 10 p.m. and Sunday from 1 - 10 p.m. Please visit for info, schedules and links to enter the online classroom.

The Amazing Maze
April 7, 2017

The Amazing Maze is a 40 minute activity used to raise youth awareness about the risks of substance use. Twenty different two-minute activity stations allowed youth teams to consider options in a game-like atmosphere. It is our hope that by increasing awareness, we promote good choices in a world where young people are frequently presented with difficult and dangerous decisions.

Amazing Maze

Thank you!!
Auction raises $ 9 973.05 

Thank you to everyone - the business community, service clubs, parents, and friends - who supported our auction last night. We realized a profit of $ 9 973. 05 and this money will ensure our students enjoy a healthy, nutritious start to their day in the upcoming school year.

To say we are appreciative is an understatement. We could not be all that we are without your support, not only with our Breakfast Program, but in all student events and activities.

Again, thank you so much!

Generosity on the High Seas ... 
Grand Banks Social Club support JMOC Breakfast Program

Thank you to Paul Elliott, Ryley's Dad, and The Grand Banks Social Club on the Hibernia Platform for their generous $600.00 donation to our Breakfast Program. Throughout the year, the club puts off weekly bingo games and fundraisers for the personnel offshore. This year the proceeds from these events found their way to 43 charities and community organizations across Newfoundland and Labrador and we thank Mr. Elliott for submitting the name of Ryley's school, J.M. Olds Collegiate, as a possible recipient.

"I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire , 'cause I am the champion, and you're gonna hear me roar ...."

Congratulations to Olivia Rogers who has been identified as a 2017 Provincial Team Athlete by the Newfoundland and Labrador Volleyball Association. Olivia has made the first cut for the Provincial Selection Camp. Best of luck Olivia! Your school is so very proud of you and behind you 100%!! Definitely worth noting that this is Olivia's first year with volleyball!

Grade Eleven Student wins $1000 Cash Prize for her Winning Entry to NUPGE Essay Writing Contest
March 27, 2017

Gabrielle Broderick, Grade 11 student at JMOC, was the recent recipient of a $1000.00 cash prize from the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) for her winning submission of a short essay entitled Why Unions Matter. Gabrielle, Gabby to her classmates, was able to connect on a very personal level with the important role unions play.
        Excerpt ...  My Dad has been a member of a union all his working life. He has never had to use 
            a lot of things that unions have to offer, benefit wise, until now. You see, I was diagnosed with 
            crohn's and colitis two years ago when I was 14 years old. I just turned 17 and have
            tried different medications that didn't seem to work for me. I just recently started a new medication
            that is very expensive and seems to be working and relieves me of the pain. I am very grateful
            my Dad has a union job with good medical benefits that cover this medication.  This is why unions
            matter to me.

Congratulations, Gabby, on a job well done! We are very proud of you.

First Year Mathematics Entry Requirements 
Fall 2017
March 20, 2017

On Friday we became aware that First Year Mathematics entry requirements for Memorial University (St. John's) and Grenfell campuses are changing for Fall 2017.

These changes are significant and both parents and students need to be aware of these changes as they make decisions regarding course selection and programming for next year.

Normally we would have a meeting each spring for our Grade 9 parents to discuss course offerings but in light of these changes, we are having an early meeting for parents of students from Grades 9 - 12 to explain exactly what this means for students. The meeting will take place this Wednesday, March 22nd, at 6:30 p.m. in the school cafeteria. Please make every effort to attend as this is information  you as parents need to be aware of as your child either moves through the high school or into the post-secondary system.

Changes are outlined in documents below.

MUN Math Requirements

Technology in the Classroom
March 17, 2017

Far too often, as teachers, parents, and administrators, we struggle with the negative impacts of technology within the school setting. Mr. Darrin Pike, Director of the Newfoundland and Labrador English School Board, sends a strong and timely message in his most recent blog post, Technology: Power in the Palm of our Hands. This post can be found on the NLESD Director's Blog 

Heritage Fair Information for Parents
March 17, 2017

J.M. Olds Collegiate will host its annual Heritage Fair on Thursday, March 23rd, and we invite the general public along to view student work and engage our young historians in conversation about their chosen projects. 

If parents have any questions as to how they can guide their children, please contact Mrs. Bath (Grades 7 & 9)  or Mr. Sturge (Grade 8). 

In the past our students have won significant recognition locally and at the Regional level. We plan to send a number of projects to Gander again this year and it is worthy to note that in 2015, a student project from J.M. Olds Collegiate was chosen to participate in the July 1st ceremonies at Beaumont Hamel. Again this year, 19 students attending public schools in Newfoundland and Labrador will be selected to participate in a European battlefield tour, primarily throughout Northern France and Belgium. The students will visit significant sites where the Royal Newfoundland Regiment fought and will spend time in the five communities that are home to the bronze caribou monuments, the official memorial to the Regiment.

Please find below a complete list of awards that will be available at the 2017 Regional Heritage Fair in Gander on Friday, April 28th, as well as information on the Young Citizens Award and the Ambassador's Award. 

Heritage Fair 2017

Rock the Gate

Congratulations to all those involved with Rock the Gate 2016/2017! The concert was a huge success and all you students did an amazing job!

Check out some snapshots and our set-list by following this link: Rock the Gate!

Welcome to our new school website! 

Thank you for visiting our school website. This site will be your main source of all updates and information regarding what's happening at JMOC. Also, please follow us on Twitter to stay in the know! Our handle is: @TigersJMOC

Students and Parents... feel free to check around the website. At the top you will find links to see any homework that is currently assigned, due dates for assignments, a calendar showing various school events and assessments, links to Powerschool, as well as other information regarding school clubs and athletics! To the left, you'll find a running list of important school announcements as well as various forms and documents and other important links. 

Go Tigers Go!