Jean-Marc Jot
Background and publications


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Selected publications and presentations

      Digital audio effects | Artificial reverberation | Feedback Delay Networks (FDN) | Energy Decay Relief (EDR)

      Spatial audio reproduction | Binaural/transaural 3D audio rendering over headphones and loudspeakers (in Creative SoundBlaster, DTS Virtual:X/Headphone:X, Magic Leap Soundfield Audio (MSA))

      Interactive 3D audio for computer music, games, VR, AR | IRCAM Spat, MPEG-4 v.2 Advanced Audio BIFS | Creative EAX, OpenAL, I3DL2 | Magic Leap Soundfield Audio (MSA)

      Multi-channel audio coding, upmix and format conversion | Spatial Audio Scene Coding (SASC) | Immersive object-based audio coding (DTS:X)



      Pending (published applications)