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Digital audio effects | Artificial reverberation | Feedback Delay Networks (FDN) | Energy Decay Relief (EDR)
Spatial audio reproduction | Binaural 3D audio
Interactive 3D audio for computer music, games, VR, AR | IRCAM Spat | Creative EAX, OpenAL
Multi-channel audio coding, upmix and format conversion | Spatial Audio Scene Coding (SASC)
Immersive object-based audio coding (DTS:X) | Multi-Dimensional Audio (MDA)
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Pending (published applications)
  • Adaptive environmental noise compensation for audio playback. US 2011/0251704 (2010 April).
  • Object-based audio loudness management. US 2015/0245153 (2014 Feb.).
  • Multi-speaker method and apparatus for leakage cancellation. US 2017/0053641 (2015 Aug).
  • Spectral correction of audio signals. US 2017/0126194 (2015 Oct.).
  • Dialog audio signal balancing in an object-based audio program. US 2017/0127212 (2015 Oct.).
  • Augmented Reality Headphone Environment Rendering. US 2017/0223478 (2016 Feb.).