Hello! My name is João and I am a PhD student in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, advised by Mahdi Cheraghchi. I hold an MSc in Computer Science from ETH Zurich and a BSc in Applied Mathematics and Computation from Instituto Superior Técnico.

I am mainly interested in theoretical computer science. More specifically:

  • Coding and information theory, and their applications in the theory of computation;
  • Complexity theory;
  • Foundations of cryptography;
  • Pseudorandomness.

I was/am a teaching assistant for the following courses:
  • Information and Coding Theory (Fall 2017, Imperial College London)
  • Discrete Mathematics (Fall 2015, Fall 2016, ETH Zurich)

Publications (in reverse chronological order)

New Perspectives on Weak Oblivious Transfer, with Ueli Maurer. ISIT 2016.

Quantum Blind Signature with an Offline Repository, with Andre Souto and Paulo Mateus. International Journal of Quantum Information (2015).

You can contact me through my e-mail address: j.lourenco-ribeiro17 (at) imperial (dot) ac (dot) uk

Besides my academic interests I also enjoy good music and traveling to far away places so I can watch some amazing bands play!

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