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This blog features advocacy and resources for Reformation Arminian Baptists. These include posts on biblical exegesis and biblical theology, systematics, church history, and analysis and strategies for our current church scene.

While sharing many good things with Wesleyan Arminianism, Reformation Arminianism is pre-Wesleyan, tracing its roots to Arminian Baptist Thomas Helwys and distinguishing itself as sharing the same soteriology as Arminius and, to a considerable extent, the Calvinistic Reformers.

Reformation Arminianism is distinguished from Wesleyan Arminianism not merely in terms of sanctification, but also on the meaning of the atonement and continuance in salvation; Reformation Armininianism rejects repeat regeneration and accepts the penal satisfaction view of the atonement.

I suspect the sole significant point of departure between Arminian Baptists and Arminius is the issue of paedo-baptism.

Reformation Arminian Baptist denominations include Free Will Baptists and General Baptists, as well as many independent Baptist churches and individual churches in other denominations such as American Baptist Churches--USA and Southern Baptist Convention more or less (though the terminology may not always be assumed). Early Reformation Arminian Baptist theologians include Helwys and Thomas Grantham. Modern theologians include Stephen A. Ashby, F. Leroy Forlines, Dale Moody, Robert E. Picirilli, J. Matthew Pinson, and Jonathan Wilson.